My Strategy for Designing High-End,
High-Impact Destination Intensives


wwelcome to Summer School ladies, class is now in session! Over the course of the next three issues I’m revealing some of the strategies that have transformed my business, giving you the full how-tos behind my best
products and launches.

It starts now with a lesson in one of my favorite ways to work with clients: the one-day destination intensive.

When I first started working as a coach, I realized fairly quickly that I needed to evolve my business model and offerings. I was doing one-off sessions, $50 here, $75 there. It wasn’t allowing me greater financial security (let alone abundance) or consistent opportunity for impact. So I designed my first monthly packages, charging about $600 a month…which maybe brought me up to $150 a session.

Still, my list was small and bringing on a handful of monthly clients wasn’t adding up to my goals. Living in Southern California, I was challenged to pay my bills and certainly not able to afford the chic lifestyle I desired. I wanted to work with my clients in a more substantial way and to transform how I was making money as a coach, so I began to offer double sessions and triple sessions until one day a client asked me, “How much would it cost to spend the entire day with you?”

summer-school-quoteI immediately recognized the value of dedicating a full day to working on yourself and honing in on an area of your life—and thus I began to market the one-day intensive.

Over time, it has become one of the most joyful and fulfilling ways for me to support my clients. When you’re passionate about doing really deep, meaningful work, I’ve found there’s no better way to spend a day than sitting across from someone and facilitating a high level of change in their lives.

As I expanded my business, I started to think about how to elevate the intensive experience. I had begun to embrace my passion for travel and luxury and realized that if I loved these elements, my ideal clients would too. So I created the Divine Living Destination Intensive™, selecting chic, high-vibe locations around the world to support powerful transformations. From there, my brand and business truly took off.

What I’ve found is that these intensives are not only fulfilling and fun for me as a coach, my clients love them and are happy to invest in the experience. In our overly internet-driven world, people really crave the one-on-one time and attention that comes with connecting in person in a beautiful, inspiring setting.

After a decade of hosting intensives with clients in my hometown and abroad, I’m thrilled to share what I’ve learned. Here’s my strategy for hosting a luxe destination intensive that makes sense for your brand and business.

How to Host a
One-Day Intensive




Intentional Intensity
Is spending all day with a client truly for you? Doing something because it sounds cool or might be lucrative is never a good enough reason—you have to be called to do it. Every coach is different, so before you dive too deep into this idea, do a little soul searching. I’ve worked with plenty of clients who say, “I don’t know what I would do with someone for a full day—that sounds so intense!” To which I reply, “Yes, these are intensives and they definitely get intense!” So check in with yourself. If you know in your heart that you would love to connect with someone at this level, go for it! If not, there are plenty of other ways to have impact.



Elevate the Energy
Where you host your intensive is as important as what you teach. Every city and venue in the world has its own unique energy that will influence how the day feels and what you can accomplish. Whether you’re planning to host something in your hometown, a few hours away or across the globe, choose someplace that calls to you, supports your message and reflects your brand. Ask yourself: where have you always dreamed of going? When you imagine your most up-leveled self, what does the environment around you look like? What are you wearing, what are you doing? Design an experience that inspires you and it’s sure to inspire the right client, too.



Attract Your Ideal Client
If you’re dreaming of a glamorous global retreat, don’t get caught thinking there couldn’t possibly be a client for it by focusing on who you know or who’s on your list. Remember that if you feel deeply called to do this and have the confidence to put it out there, you will attract your ideal client. I chose to do my first destination intensive at the Ritz in Paris because I had always wanted to go there. As for the woman who signed up for it (within 24 hours of finding it!), going to the Ritz was her childhood dream! Since the day was devoted to business coaching and not Parisian culture or luxury hotel design, you might think the location didn’t matter—however it was actually part of the selling point and the wow factor. It’s what lit us both up and made for a high-energy, powerful day of transformation.



Don’t Hesitate to Do You
Do you like to have a schedule, or let things unfold organically? The choice is yours. I’ve found that unlike a 6-week course, a one-day intensive doesn’t need an exacting play-by-play of what you’ll be teaching. When people are looking for personalized attention they typically know what they want to work on, so you can be more open-ended and explorative about it. In my case, I’m comfortable without any agenda, so I like to just be present with my client and see what comes up. I have refreshments and snacks available and lunch handled but other than that, I just have a flip chart and markers. Other coaches work really well outlining the day section by section. Neither is right or wrong, as long as you make it clear to your client so they know what to expect.



The Intuitive Price
Pricing your intensive has to make sense financially and intuitively. First, make sure you’re covering costs for the venue, refreshments, room service, etc. Beyond that, it comes down to your own financial frequency and what feels right. Do not get caught up in what other people are charging. When I hosted my first intensive, I saw that other coaches were charging $10k for the day, but rather than going into comparison mode I asked myself: how much am I meant to charge? The answer was $1k—and the client showed up for it. If you feel nervous about charging too much, remember you can raise the rate next time. For my second intensive I charged $1500 and then after that, $3k. So you can always grow, but the most powerful place to start is exactly where you’re at.




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