Usually in the Taste of the Place I bring you my favorite places to dine out around the world, however, this week I wanted to share my secret for making quick, yet elegant (and delicious) meals at home.

I love to cook almost as much as I love dining out. My idea of happy hour is turning off the computer, turning on some evening tunes, opening a bottle of Chablis and putting on a chic apron. For many of us women entrepreneurs, the challenge of an easy and elegant dinner at home isn’t the cooking itself, but the time it takes to plan a meal. Choosing a recipe and shopping for ingredients can be hugely time-consuming, and when you’re leading a busy life, sometimes it just feels easier to go out.

I recently did something I’ve never done before. As you can imagine, I’m not the type to eat food out of a box, so pre-made delivery services are not usually my style. HOWEVER…drumroll…I am crazy in love—and I mean over the moon—with Plated, a fab new service I recently signed up for.

Think chic meals that arrive (almost fully) Mise en place’d for you, and you get to put the ingredients together yourself. It made me feel like a total domestic goddess, making it simple to whip up a fabulous meal any night of the week. High-quality ingredients and fresh local produce are delivered to your door, pre-portioned for chef-designed recipes, allowing you to enjoy your time in the kitchen without all the planning effort. The restaurant-quality dishes are contemporary and delicious, while all of the meat, seafood and produce is ethically sourced and of excellent quality.

A subscription to Plated is almost like having a private chef, without actually having someone in your kitchen at night. As with everything, getting some help with the small stuff makes it so you can better enjoy what you truly love. With Plated cooking is as easy as opening up the box, grabbing Glenn, and spending some quality time together in the kitchen creating a beautiful meal. Try it with family or even for a dinner party—it’s a foolproof way to wow your guests with something special.


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