How to Stay Open to the
Dreamy Life that’s Meant for You


One of the best parts of living in Provence this summer has been the total lack of agenda. It’s such a delight to wake up on a Saturday, make a cup of coffee and simply ask myself, what village will I go explore today? What fabulous bistro will I have lunch at? Where will I watch the sunset over the hills?

quote-1It wasn’t part of my original plan this year to spend seven weeks in a villa in the south of France, but in being called here and choosing to go for it, I’ve found myself reconnecting to a more adventurous way of life. It’s reminded me of how much I value spontaneity, and the opportunities that come with being open to what the Universe has in store.

If you’re anything like me, then maybe you’ve been pegged as “noncommittal,” “flighty,” or a “last-minute Nelly.” It’s always felt natural for me to make decisions in the present moment and I’m most comfortable without detailed schedules for my live events and intensives. Not everyone feels the same way however, so over the years I’ve felt the pressure to be hyper-organized and plan everything down to the hour.

I’ve experienced that same pressure when it comes to travel plans. There’s this frantic energy around booking your tickets and lodging so far in advance, because otherwise all the best rooms and seats will be scooped up and gone. It’s a scarcity-based mindset that doesn’t leave a lot of room to do what you truly feel like doing in the moment. And when life doesn’t go quite as expected, usually all of those thoughtful, pre-determined plans don’t end up working anyway.

quote-2In realizing that these masculine, structured ways of being in the world are worshiped in our culture (especially American culture) I’ve started to free myself from the pressure to fall in line. Being in the South of France and living at a slower, freer pace, I’m reminded that there is so much value to being in the organic flow of the Universe. More and more I find myself saying no to demands like: we have to book this now, decide this now, figure this out now. Until I have a solid yes in my heart, then I’m not going to set anything in stone—and there’s no need to apologize for it any longer.

There’s a time and a place for agendas and structure, but I think so much creativity is lost when we build our entire lives that way. For feminine women like us to be in our power, we shouldn’t make ourselves wrong for living intuitively. Most of us can admit that as smart and wonderful as our plans for the future may be, God’s plan is ultimately better. Even if we don’t leave room for it, it will come find us—so why resist it?

quote-3Excelling in the feminine art of spontaneity is about letting yourself be Divinely guided, and recognizing that so much of that guidance is only available to us in the now. I know that for those of us who’ve grown accustomed to the masculine ways of the world, it may seem daunting to let go of the habits we think keep us safe. But to be spontaneous doesn’t mean we have to feel stressed, frantic, or like we’re not in control of our lives.

To help you reconnect to your own Divine flow of creativity and inspiration, without the stress, I’ve put together my best five tips below. Keep reading to find out how a strong, yet feminine woman leader can master the art of spontaneity in business and life.



Start with a Blank Page

When you’re used to having every moment of every day planned out, a blank day with infinite options can feel overwhelming and almost paralyzing. Having plans makes us feel safe because we don’t have to be creative about how we spend our time or ask ourselves what we truly desire. To reconnect to your spontaneity, I highly recommend journaling. Opening up a blank page every morning and inviting yourself to fill it with whatever comes naturally will teach you that you do in fact have the intuition and the energy to live every moment to the fullest—with or without a plan.


Trust that It Only

To thrive in a state of spontaneity, you need to have faith that God is always creating the best possible opportunities for your life. A lot of us make plans in advance because we think it’s the surest way to get what we want, but often it just makes us attached to specifics, leading to frustration and disappointment when things don’t quite work out as imagined. If you surrender to God’s plan, you don’t have to be upset or go into a panic about what life gives you (or takes away), because your automatic response to any door closing is to look for the window that’s opening. Trust that it’s always, always there.


Let Your Heart

Making decisions in the moment becomes effortless when you’re super in-touch with your body, your heart and your desires. Always pay attention to how you feel rather than letting your ideas of what you should do run your life. Spend time meditating, being, and keeping your energy high-vibe. Moment by moment, you have the opportunity to slow down, look within and ask for Divine guidance. What is today supposed to be about? Where are you called to be? Who are you called to serve? What would light you up right now? Asking the right questions will lead to much more powerful actions than plans alone.


When Inspiration

Being too rigid about conventional schedules can cut you off from your natural flow. Creative entrepreneurs like us often do better with the flexibility and independence to work at exactly the moment when inspiration strikes. For example, if you have it in your head that you don’t work on Sundays, but suddenly you have this great idea for your next program, then you’re going to miss a major opportunity to be in your creative flow. Keeping things open on the other hand, lets you make the most of Divine inspiration. You’ll learn to rest and relax when your body needs it, and take action when your heart is ready.


Always Ask for More

Maybe you never imagined that you could have the power, independence and freedom to live life spontaneously. So many of us women have been taught to ask for barely enough, so we resign ourselves to fitting into a masculine way of doing life. If what you desire is a lifestyle that empowers you to be at your most creative, give your best and grow your impact, then you get to decide what that looks like. You may not know exactly how to get what you want—whether it’s more clients, more vacation days, more money or more free time—but if you ask for it in an open way, you will be led to create what you desire when the moment is right.



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