So often when it comes to business we know two operating modes: on and off. Though there is a time and a place for going pedal-to-the-metal and for fully unplugging, I’ve found that when it comes to maintaining consistent health, joy, cashflow, and business growth, the all-or-nothing approach isn’t so sustainable.

The truth is that the holidays are a great business opportunity, and you’ll miss out if you check out. I always go into the season knowing that there is so much potential for more impact, income, and connections, and that I’m here to make the most of it.

However as you now know, I do still fully enjoy the season’s parties and traditions before taking a few days unplugged at the end of the month. I plan enough to make sure my business flows steadily, without burning me out or leaving all the hard work of ramping back up from zero in January. So without further ado, here are 5 ways I recommend you go into the holidays with both work and play in balance:



Find Your NOW-Factor
As we discussed in last week’s Gina MBA, entrepreneurs in our industry so often miss out on the MAJOR opportunity for holiday sales! Look around, and you’ll see how most retailers and businesses know to give people a reason to purchase right now. Ask yourself, what can you offer now that’s special, and won’t be around again for a while? Make it timely, create a holiday package, or look to how your services can cater to the moment. Create a clear message that makes it a no-brainer. Remember, people ARE spending money right now, why shouldn’t it be on your products and services?



Keep a High-Vibe Body
gifting-1A lot of people see the holidays as an excuse to forgo their typical health and wellness routines, but I’ve learned that if anything this is a time to step up your game when it comes to self-care. Believe me, planning to start back up again in January is never as fun as it sounds. Part of what gets me through all the parties and keeps me on my professional game is making my health a non-negotiable. I maintain my regular bed time as much as possible, continue my regular work out routine, and get to work at a consistent time daily—all which keeps me super productive and energized. Between all the extra activity and extra sugar, this tends to be a time of year when many of us succumb to “that thing that’s going around,” and wind up in bed with run-down systems. Don’t let that get the best of you—take preventative measures and live as healthily as possible. Pretty much everyone agrees that an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but these days we also know there’s plenty we can do to boost our immune systems and stay hydrated, even on those chilly, magical nights when we stay up for just one more glass of champagne.



Check Who Has Your Back
If everything is going great in your business and your eye is three months ahead, it probably takes a crisis to make you stop and pay attention to your team. However there is no reason to wait until January to consider it. Is there a new hire you need to make? It’s probably a good idea to make it now, if only for the purpose of helping to keep things running as you enjoy the holidays. It might also be a time to cut any team members who might cause stress during a time of increased activity. Sometimes we’ve put up with a lot of dynamics that haven’t been of service to us or the rest of our team, and this is a moment to be making the best business decisions. Ask yourself, is every member of your team productive, profitable, a joy to work with, and a right fit for your company at this time? If not consider making changes now rather than later.



Give it Up for the Divas
The holiday spirit is all about gratitude and generosity. If you allow yourself to be stretched and swept up in your to-do list, it can feel as though your bandwidth, money, and creativity are limited, even though that’s never the case. There’s a line in the Course in Miracles that says: “Anything lacking in your gifting-2situation is what you yourself are not giving.” So as you’re out there, promoting your business, remember to support those around you. We all want people to like and comment on our social media posts, but how generous are we when it comes to applauding others? If you’re going to be scrolling through your news feed anyway, make it mindful, and use those few minutes to support those in your community. It makes a big difference in people’s lives, just as it does in yours.



Breathe, Smile, & Say You Love It!
It’s that easy, really. When someone gives you a gift or a compliment, allow yourself to feel the gratitude! We’re all more comfortable being in the giving position—giving attention, praise, and gifts. Giving is actually a masculine activity, while receiving is in the feminine energy. It can be very vulnerable to receive. However to move gracefully through this season of abundance, you need to not only be generous with your time, attention, praise and creativity, you need to open yourself up to receiving those things from others. You’re going to be purchasing plenty of things for other people that you’re really excited about, and those people are really excited to give you something to as well. So don’t let your default response be “You shouldn’t have,” or “I could never!” Instead, let yourself love it and express how you feel—and do the same when it comes to your business.

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