7 Powerful Reasons
to Start the Day
With a Squeeze of Lemon

Why are some of the most fabulous ladies on the planet—like Beyoncé, Martha Stewart, Naomi Campbell and Gwenyth Paltrow, just to name a few—starting their day with lemon water? For starters, lemons are jam packed with nutrients, including vitamin C, B-complex vitamins, calcium, iron, magnesium, fiber and potassium. We all drink water first thing in the morning (hopefully?), but if you think taking the extra step of squeezing half-a-lemon into your glass isn’t worth it, we’re here to invite you to think again. Keep reading to learn why you do not want to miss out on the simplest health and beauty boost ever.

1 Protect Your Immune System
Vitamin C is like jumper cables for your immune system, and lemon juice is full of it.

When you’re stressing out, Vitamin C levels are the first thing to plummet, so adding a natural dose into your daily routine helps your body keep it together no matter what.

2 Detox & Digest
Lemon juice encourages healthy digestion by loosening toxins, and relieving symptoms like heartburn, gas and bloating. It also enhances enzyme function and stimulates your liver.

3 Power Up With Potassium
As we mentioned, lemons are packed with potassium—even more than apples or grapes—which is good for not only your heart health, but your brain and nerve function too.

4 Clear Your Complexion
The antioxidants in lemon juice are ready to combat not only blemishes, but wrinkles and free radical damage as well. Vitamin C is vital for glowing skin, and you can even apply lemon juice to scars and age spots to reduce their appearance.


Reduce Inflammation & Stay Alkaline
It may sound counter-intuitive, but drinking lemon water regularly will actually reduce acidity in your body, warding off disease. Lemon is alkalinizing and removes uric acid in your joints—one of the main causes of inflammation.


Freshen Your Breath
Not only does lemon water cleanse your mouth, it can help relieve toothaches and gingivitis. However be careful—the citric acid can also erode tooth enamel, so use a straw, or swish your mouth with water and brush your teeth with a natural toothpaste after drinking, not before.


Boost Your Energy!
While room temperature water delivers the most health benefits, a hot cup is a great alternative to coffee that some people swear by. Lemons are one of the few foods that enter the digestive tract and actually provide more energy than they drain. Plus, the scent of lemon has mood enhancing properties that can help start your day with a lighter vibe and a clearer mind.



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