When it comes to the pet owners in your life, gifting is easy. As a proud parent to our pup Ginger, I will say that those of us who love our pets are always delighted to receive a little something on their behalf. Plus, these days there are plenty of chic animal accessories to choose from, so you don’t have to compromise on style. Here are my favorites:

Dog Bag
$1,060 Gucci
For the jet-setting pup, it’s first class all the way in this Gucci bag.
Yes Please!

Plaid Dog Vest
$95 Ralph Lauren
This adorable puffer vest in a classic lumberjack plaid is perfect for a stroll through the snow.
Yes Please!

Medium Dog Leash
$530 Gucci
Gucci nailed it with this luxurious leash in holiday colors and black leather trim.
Yes Please!

Dog Bucket with Leopard Print Play Balls
$38 Harry Baxter
If there are going to be tennis balls everywhere, at least this way they can have a little flair to them.
Yes Please!

Grooming for Pets Gift Set
$110 The Laundress
Keep pet-related messes at bay with this classy set from fashion’s favorite clothing-care brand.
Yes Please!

Baxter Dog Leash & Collar
Louis Vuitton
$380 Leash

I never met a dog that wouldn’t look good in a classic Vuitton monogram.
Yes Please!

Modkat Litter Box
$180 Modko
Finally, a litter box that’s beautiful enough to be in your home! Plus, kitties love the privacy of Modko’s award-winning design.
Yes Please!

Wool Cat Nap Cocoon
$53 Vaivanat
Few things are cuter than a cat curled up in one of these luxurious wool cocoons.
Yes Please!

Embroidered Velvet Dog Stocking
$25 Sudha Pennathur
Loving these luxe velvet stockings to stuff with treats for pets!
Yes Please!

Dog Bed
Made to Order James Perse
The dog may not be allowed on the couch, but with a bed this fabulous he probably doesn’t care.
Yes Please!

Festive Dog Stockings
$115 Harry Baxter
How fun are these personalized stockings pre-loaded with treats and toys?
Yes Please!

Kobe BeeF & Truffle Jerky Treats
$1,000 Organic Pet Boutique
In my experience, foodies tend to have foodie pets. Impress both parent and pup with these supreme gourmet dog treats.
Yes Please!

Calabash Cat Bed
$172 Kitti Craft
There is something so 70s-chic about this swinging cat bed—it easily doubles as a fab sculptural element.
Yes Please!

Koko Chewnel Squeaky Chew Toy
$15 Posh Puppy
Even dogs can appreciate the iconography of Chewnel No 5.
Yes Please!

Rope Dog Leash
$58 The Atlantic Ocean
A great Etsy find, this handmade leash is feminine and sophisticated with blush leather accents and warm brass.
Yes Please!

Puppy Toy Set
$48 Henri Bendel
Leave it to Bendel’s to make squeaky toys worthy of being tossed around a Park Avenue penthouse.
Yes Please!

Dog Biscuits
$14 Harry Barker
These charming holiday dog biscuits would look perfect under any tree!
Yes Please!

Smart Phone Pet Camera 
$200 Pet Cube
This brilliant piece of technology allows pet owners to effortlessly stay connected when they’re not at home.
Yes Please!



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