We’ve all caught ourselves on December 23rd, darting through the stores at the last possible minute, quickly pulling things off shelves while wondering if there’s anyone we’ve forgotten. And maybe that vase for Aunt Claire was $500 more than we were hoping to spend, but nothing more appropriate was within reach.

After many such holiday seasons, I think I’ve come up with an easy way to avoid this scenario altogether. The people we surround ourselves with are the best parts of our lives, and this time of year is about expressing our love and gratitude. So gift giving should be something we enjoy and do with purpose, not something that sends us into a panic or leaves us with a cringe-worthy credit card bill come January.

The good news is, with just twenty minutes and my downloadable gift planner, you too can skip the mad-dash through the mall and feel really good about every gift you give this season. Here’s how you should do it:

Print it out, pour yourself a glass of holiday cheer, light a peppermint candle, put on your best jingle bell rock and select your favorite pen.

Use our Divine Living Gift Planner to think through who you desire to send a gift to, what it might ideally be, and how much you would approximately like to spend.

Be in your power and don’t let guilt and obligation influence your decisions. Splurge on who you want to splurge on, give something little and thoughtful when that’s what feels right, and don’t buy things for people who simply do not inspire you to do so.

Take a photo of the final list on your phone so that you’ll always have it with you.

Some of the best gift giving happens after hours. Instead of running around to all the stores, go for leisurely online shopping in the evening and start getting things out of the way.

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Keep In Mind
When you’re brainstorming who to give to, go beyond the obvious. Think about the overlooked people in your life. Some may go so far as to leave little treats in their mailbox for the postman (or woman), but I at the very least never forget my lawyer and my accountant. They do a lot of thankless work throughout the year so this is a great moment to express your appreciation and keep these important relationships strong.

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