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Instead of an adventure to a new city, our April issue was all about an inner journey to our next level of health. Along the way, we discovered so many fabulous new fitness studios, active wear brands, detox programs, high-end gadgets and clever apps—we just had to share them all in one place. Enjoy our guide to getting fit and healthy the Divine Living way!


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Lulu Lemon
Lulu Lemon has become a noun because it’s simply the ultimate in high-quality and chic active wear. Of course we all need to get out of our Lulu Lemons from time to time but who knew yoga pants could be so comfortable?


Kate Hudson’s smart new e-commerce activewear brand has an unparalleled variety of designs, colors and styles with new looks arriving every month. Take the quiz and subscribe to keep your gym drawer populated with fresh sweats, tanks, yoga pants and sports bras.


Introducing futuristic activewear designed to take you effortlessly from the gym to the nightclub. All the fashion editors are raving about Aday’s “Hail Yes” track pants and “Like a Boss” sweatshirt, designed to keep up with an active yet chic lifestyle.


Fresh high performance clothes perfect for any kind of work out. This Montreal based brand’s bold designs and wide collection of styles is quickly finding a global audience to rival even Lulu Lemon!


This ultra chic NYC active wear boutique does a fitness wardrobe for the fashion set. Shop online for high-impact looks from top designers in the industry.


Outdoor Voices
Minimalists love the effortless look of Outdoor Voices’ sleek and sporty clothes. High-performance pants, sweats, tops and leggings are all designed to get you out and moving in style.


Activewear has never looked so fierce. This luxurious lingerie and athletics brand is just the thing for making an edgy statement on your next trip to the gym, with designs and fabrics to support you in performing at your best.


Founded by committed yogis who demand maximum quality, innovative fabrics and on-trend styling, this eco-friendly brand is meant to move with you and elevate every asana.


Stella McCartney x Adidas
If you prefer an exuberant workout uniform to all-black-everything, you’ll love the bold floral pieces from this epic design collab. Though you’ll also find plenty of sleek neutral pieces with subtle style details courtesy of one of the world’s top designers.



Pressed Juicery
Founded by three women entrepreneurs, this fab LA-based cold pressed juice company ships cleanses nation wide. With three different menu options, you can choose to take it easy with plenty of nut milks or go for a mostly veggie, low-sugar regime for a more intensive cleanse.


Kaeng Raeng
This easy and affordable detox program created by a woman entrepreneur in Palo Alto is organic, vegan and food-friendly—that is you get to eat as many raw fruits and vegetables as you desire while drinking delicious blended shakes packed with nutrients and probiotics to boost cleansing.


Be Well by Dr. Frank Lipman
Leading Celebrity Physician Dr. Frank Lipman is known for his unique blend of western medicine with eastern and nutritional practices. Enriched with organic vegetables and proteins, his popular “Be Well” cleanse program is a 14-day detox of three daily shakes you enjoy with a light lunch and dinner.


A favorite cleanse of the whole magazine team, SOUPURE’s delicious veggie soups, rich bone broths and fruity shakes make for a detox without the deprivation. For more on why souping is the new juicing, don’t miss our Q&A with the two women founders here!


Paleta 14-Day Kickstart
Paleta is a fabulous farm-to-table meal delivery service from health-minded Executive Chef Kelly Boyer. Their 14-day kickstart program comes in vegan or paleo-inspired options and is designed to make it easy for you to break old food habits, loose weight and accelerate your metabolism.


Pete’s Paleo 21 Day Sugar Detox
If you’re looking to break a sugar habit, this whole-foods based meal program has you covered. Three weeks of super healthy meals that are gluten, dairy and soy free, using only organically grown produce and grass fed meats.



AntiGravity Fitness
Treat yourself to an elevated workout with the leading brand in aerial yoga, created by former Olympian and Broadway Dancer Christopher Harrison. Sign up for a class at their original NYC studio, find a certified instructor at locations around the world, or purchase a hammock to use at home—complete with an instructional DVD.


David Barton Gym
A boutique line of gyms for the style-minded, David Barton’s fabulous fitness centers have a vibe you won’t find anywhere else. Originally inspired by the punk and glam culture of Downtown NYC, the gym now has unique, luxurious facilities in eight cities globally.


Designed to help you strengthen, lengthen and tone in record-breaking time, this intense aerial fitness training program combines yoga, ballet and pilates with athletic conditioning. The woman-led company has studios around the US and even offers private parties.


Soul Cycle
Soul Cycle has quickly become the go-to spin studio for chic women all over the United States. The uplifting 45 minute work-outs combine fat-burning cardio, hand weights and choreography to work your core.


Aura Workout
Aura Workout is a unique experience that uses dramatic lighting to create a visual mind-body experience. In their AuraYoga classes, deep transitions of color are designed to activate your chakras, while their AuraCycle and AuraBody classes move at a faster pace to heighten your energy.


Mandy Ingber Yoga
Celebrity fitness and wellness expert Mandy Ingber’s inclusive, mind-body approach to yoga is designed to transform you inside and out. Practice with Mandy at special events or check out her beloved YOGALOSOPHY books and DVDs.


This innovative NYC fitness studio pairs high-intensity cardio and full-body toning with the natural healing properties of salt water. Not only will you burn fat and calories, the water is specially calibrated to activate your lymphatic system, helping you detox.


The S Factor
The S Factor is the pole dance fitness phenomenon that invites you to fully express your feminine side. Created by author and actress Sheila Kelly, this fun, energizing workout is infused with yoga, ballet and Pilates to get you long, lean and fit.



Aria Smart Scale by Fitbit
A modern easy-to read scale that contains more than meets the eye. The Aria tracks weight, BMI and body fat, recognizes up to eight users while keeping results private and syncs with the Fitbit app automatically to track your goals and progress.


Wisewear Smart Bracelets
The line between accessories and technology just got a bit more blurred. Wisewear’s innovative smart jewelry tracks your steps, distance, calories burned and active time, while syncing to a mobile app to track your progress. Available in 18k gold and palladium, the bracelets can even provide gentle vibrations for important calls, texts and reminders.


Bragi Dash Wireless Earphones
Finally, high-quality earphones that won’t bog down your workout. These let you wirelessly handle calls and stream audio, plus they track your performance and give live feedback as you move!


Hidrate Spark Smart Bottle
Introducing the world’s first smart water bottle! Instead of inputting each sip or glass into an app yourself, the Hidrate Spark counts it for you. The bottle even glows while the app sends you reminders to refill and drink up!


Tangram Smart Jump Rope
This sleek, modern jump rope syncs with its own app so you can track your fitness and compete with friends. You can even see your fitness data flying through the air on the rope’s embedded LEDs.


Smart Mat Yoga Mat
The world’s first smart yoga mat is now available for pre-order! The mat helps you take your yoga practice to the next level without leaving your home, detecting when you’re out of alignment and giving you feedback just like a real life teacher would.


Beat Bottle
This ingenious water bottle is just the thing to have at the beach, on a hike or at a picnic. Tuck your iPhone in and let it amplify your tunes while keeping you hydrated in one fell swoop.


Apple Watch
Of course the Apple Watch takes every fitness app and gadget on this list to the next level. Swap your leather band for one of the sleek, workout-friendly options and hit the gym. You can leave your phone in your locker.



This popular virtual coaching program is designed to get you marathon-ready in just 9 weeks. Choose your trainer’s personality type and sync with all your favorite apps while it tracks your distance and pace and keeps you motivated.


Nike + Training Club
No matter your level of fitness, you’re invited to work out with Nike Master Trainers using this sleek personal training app. Including hundreds of workout routines with video guides and audio cues, be inspired and challenged to reach your next level.


Now you can choose a nearby restaurant based on how many truly healthy dishes they have. Set your own parameters—such us vegan or under 700 claries—and HealthyOut will pull up all your options.


Along with all of your other responsibilities, making sure you’re getting eight glasses of water a day is easier said than done. Waterlogged helps you out by tracking your intake and reminding you to go for your hydration goals.


Yoga Studio
Enjoy a little Vinyasa Flow wherever you go with this chic yoga app. Create your own class by mixing and matching poses or choose from presets at all levels. The soothing instructions are perfect for unwinding as you stretch and strengthen.


Noom Coach
This powerful pocket weight loss coach gives you a simple plan to follow to get to your goals. The free program helps you track your food, showing you the impact of your choices, while premium packages connect you with a support group or your own personal coach.


This clever app organizes all your music by intensity level, mixing playlists based on your desired workout flow and intensity. The idea is that syncing your pace to music can help improve your form and performance, while the app tracks your stats and encourages you to make progress.


Pact is a fun and interactive way to stay on top of your fitness goals. Members who check into the gym, track workouts and eat healthy earn money from those who aren’t holding up their end of the pact.


Spitfire Athlete
Created by two fab women software engineers who also happen to be competitive weightlifters, this empowering app encourages you to get stronger than ever. Training plans are sourced from nationally ranked female athletes and show you exactly how to achieve your goals.


Vida connects you 1:1 with a personal health coach who will help you work through your specific goals and needs, covering everything form healthy pregnancy to fitness to recovery. You’ll consult with your coach weekly as you track what matters and receive daily support and motivation.




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