So you’re really good at what you do. You’ve been doing it for a while, you’re proud of your accomplishments—maybe you’ve even received some public recognition. But because you’re more of a “journey” than a “destination” kind of gal, you can’t help but wonder, “what’s next?”

mba-quoteYou know very well that as exciting as sitting back on your laurels and knitting a cashmere scarf might sound, there are bigger and better opportunities for you out there still. You’re coming up on that next level of mastery, but you’re still searching for that inspiration that will really let you shine through your career as well as every aspect of your life.

You have the opportunity to use your business as a vehicle through which to express your best, most integrated self, achieving a new breakthrough level I like to call the “wow factor.” Here I’m sharing with you three lessons I learned on the road to discovering my own “wow factor,” so that they might guide and inspire you to find yours.


Live Your
Every Day

When I first started my business, I spent Monday through Friday exclusively focused on personal development coaching. At the end of each week, I would run to Barnes & Noble (when they were still everywhere) and pick up every big gorgeous food and travel magazine I could find. On Sunday I’d cook a delicious meal and host a gina-mba-2fabulous dinner party for all of my friends, and then on Monday I’d hit the grind again and forget all about my weekend.

I was successful, grateful, and content, but I had not yet found my wow factor. It finally happened when I looked carefully at my industry’s customs and said to myself, wait, why doesn’t my business reflect me? If I was going to really shine, I had to find a way to honor my dreams, every day of the week.

I decided to recreate my brand, making it a genuine reflection of my passions, and integrating all the best parts of me. Inspired by a luxury lifestyle that includes world travel, gourmet food, and high-end fashion, my new brand would shape every decision I made and inform how I developed my coaching programs. I introduced travel into my coaching business, which was relatively new for the industry. I found a way to share my passion with wonderful clients all over the world, and inspire them with the same experiences that inspire me. Suddenly my life began to look a lot more like my dreams, and at the same time, my business started to do better than ever.


Create a luxurious experience
Often an industry’s customs are so ingrained that they are invisible, so they aren’t always so easy to spot. Having spent 16 years in the psychology, coaching and professional development fields for women entrepreneurs, I was used to the industry and its professionals behaving a certain way. Seminars were held at airport hotels. Websites gina-mba-3 were sterile, branding nonexistent, and a sense of fashion style was almost illegal (admit it!). Sessions and seminars were “serious,” “important,” and “in-depth,” and focusing on anything external was “shallow and materialistic.”

I finally asked myself, does it have to be like this? I love personal development AND I love luxurious experiences! I wanted to host my seminars at Four Seasons Resorts, so I did. I desired to facilitate private intensives at The Ritz in Paris and rent villas in Provence and Marrakesh, so I did and my clients loved it! I was excited to provide events globally in chic destinations like London, Paris, Sydney, Miami, NYC and LA, rather than go to the less expensive (and less exciting) American cities where I saw my colleagues working with their clients. People were thrilled.

I borrowed a tip from the luxury industry and gave away 8 nights of luxury hotel accommodations rather than 8 downloadable info products as a fast action bonus. When my colleagues in the internet marketing industry were giving out iPads as prizes to their top affiliates, I looked to the travel industry and gave away a business class flight to the winner of my affiliate program. I let J.Lo be my fashion icon rather than sporting the standard suit a coach or speaker is “supposed” to wear. Who and what industries inspire you? Bring them into your business and your brand today.


Remember that
Money is Not An Obstacle

I expect many wow factors have been missed because we are all conditioned to think of money as our biggest obstacle. I firmly believe that where there is a will, there is a way. As an entrepreneur designing the business of gina-mba-4your dreams, don’t think about how much it is going to cost you to do something. Think about what it will cost you not to do it—to never take that quantum leap that will take your business to the next level.

I could be held back by things like the cost of renting out a suite at The Ritz, my airfare to Europe or the logistics of hosting my first international coaching intensive in Paris, but what would it have cost me if I didn’t honor my dreams? If I didn’t give myself and my clients that beautiful experience that laid the framework for the global brand I have today, hosting sold-out seminars in every corner of the world? Money shows up wherever there is a purpose for it, so listen to your intuition and honor your dreams. 


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Listen in and be inspired as I work with a group of women
entrepreneurs on launching their own high-level programs.

Learn the strategic planning that goes into rolling out your next product or program launch, from marketing techniques to team building.




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