How to Tune Into Your Inner Wisdom and Consistently
Make Powerful Choices


Living life well is ultimately about making great decisions for yourself. So much of our success, our happiness, and our misery stems from not only the big moves in life, but the small choices we make daily.

At our core, we all know what our potential is and we all have an instinct for what is best for us at any moment. The challenge is that over the course of our lives, we’ve built up habits, thought patterns, and beliefs that distract us from hearing our inner truth.

The good news is that we can reverse this situation. Intuition is like the spiritual muscle that connects us to our deepest knowing, and no matter how weak it may be, I promise that it’s in each and every one of us.
As feminine women, it can be one of our greatest powers. And what’s so amazing about this moment in time is to see the world awakening to the value of our sensitivity and emotional intelligence. Instead of feeling pressured to hide and neglect our capacity to feel, we’re learning to channel our gifts into becoming wiser, stronger people and being of major service in the world.

I know what it’s like to feel as though you wouldn’t know your intuition even if it was jumping up and down wearing a gorilla suit—but you too can learn how to hear it crystal clear. Like developing a great body, it takes time to really hone it, but working on it is one of the most beautiful gifts you can give yourself.

Today I use my intuition to decide everything from where to travel next to how to market my business, but I started much smaller. No matter where you’re at, you might benefit from working out your intuition daily. Experiment with the different practices, and commit to adding your favorites to your routine. Already on this journey? Tell us in the comments so that we might learn a thing or two from your experience!



1 Delete the Stress Now and Forever
It’s one of the BIGGEST factors distracting women like us from hearing our inner voice! If you’re constantly rushing through life, then you aren’t taking the time to be still, clear out the mental
clutter, or listen to yourself. You don’t want intuition competing with anxiety—that one is pretty loud. Make your mental and physical well-being a non-negotiable, and prioritize a daily routine that has you relaxed, well-rested, fed, healthy, and fulfilled. For me, this means meditating and journaling daily, always getting eight hours of sleep, and enjoying plenty of time with my husband and friends. I also periodically make time for luxurious baths, spa days, and retreats, well before the burnout gets me.



2 When You Think You Don’t Know, Try Asking
I like the way Florence Scovel Shinn put it: “Prayer is telephoning to God, and intuition is God telephoning to you.” No matter how you think of God, regular spiritual practice such as prayer and meditation is foundational in strengthening your connection to your deepest knowing. When you feel confused, remember that the Universe has your back and ask for Divine guidance. Investigate on your own behalf with the right questions: “What do I need to best take care of myself right now? What message do I need to receive? What do I need to look at more closely? What should my next move be?” You can work through questions like this in your journal by just letting it flow. Open yourself up, and let the truth emerge on the page.



3 Rock Out Your Body!
Intuition is something you feel viscerally in your body, rather than rationalize in your head. So feeling in tune with your body matters. Whether you’re into yoga, hiking, ice-skating, running, or hip-hop dancing, now is the time to commit to it no matter what. Find the thing you love to do and embrace it fully. Be present during your workouts, connect to your breath, and pay attention to how you feel afterward. Beyond restoring your mind-body-soul connection, regular exercise will improve your mental clarity, focus, mood, sleep and energy level. Make it a non-negotiable, and notice how good it feels to make that choice for yourself.



4 Choose What Feels Amazing!
A good way to practice trusting yourself is to start using your intuition rather than your intellect to make small choices. For example, if you’re cleaning out your closet, rather than think about how much you paid for something or who gave it to you or whether you might need it for some event, just slow down and feel if it gives you joy. If not, let it go. You can apply this method to almost anything in your life! When I go shopping, I never buy something because it’s on sale, or because I think I need it—only if I absolutely love it. Once you get comfortable with the smaller stuff, you’ll find you can tap into how you feel about big decisions too. Rather than dismiss that pang in your chest, always pay attention to what your body is telling you, good or bad. Our senses are in us for a reason.



5 Hindsight is 20/20, So Check Back In
You need to not only be making conscious choices, but reviewing them. Dedicate part of your journal practice to investigating the outcome of your intuitive decision-making. How did things pan out, and how did you feel about it? Do you wish you had done something differently? In what way did you misread the situation? Most importantly, what did you learn from it? If you’re beginning on this journey, you’ll want to make time this month to reflect through your past. Think about the times you were successful: what guided your decision making? How did you feel at the moment you made your choice? And for the times in your life that didn’t go so well, consider if there was something you ignored, or if you were misled by outside information, or overthinking. The next time you feel similarly, you’ll be much more conscious of it.





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