Until I ran my hands down a silk CAMILLA, held it up and glimpsed myself in the mirror, I didn’t know what I was missing. “THIS,” I thought, mesmerized by the exuberant, intricate print, “is the magic my wardrobe has been craving.”

Not long after gliding around Bondi Beach in that very kaftan, I found myself at the CAMILLA flagship store. I did not leave empty handed. Later that day I presented my haul to my stylist, Sam, and he asked me, “how many kaftans can one woman possibly have?” Fair question—unless you’ve been to CAMILLA, in which case you know the answer is “not enough.”


So who is the genius behind these irresistible silk gowns? Her name is Camilla Frank, an Aussie artist who has parlayed her vision and talent into a thriving business.

Frank began her career creating magnificent theatre costumes, often winning her standing ovations. Not long after, her entrepreneurial spirit struck, and she launched her first line of namesake kaftans. The collection drew on her passion for travel and culture, introducing a bold new voice into the resort wear arena.

camilla-signJust ten years later, it’s clear that CAMILLA is here to stay. Thanks in no small part to fans like Oprah, Beyonce, and Kate Hudson, the brand is quickly nearing an iconic global status. Now encompassing everything from blazers to accessories, CAMILLA offers a full wardrobe inspired by the Bondi Beach lifestyle. The pieces are at once bohemian and elegant, effortless and impactful.

Throw on a CAMILLA or floor-length dress, and you can’t help but feel spectacular. While continuing to grow her business and develop new product lines, Frank travels the world gathering inspiration for her prolific designs. You’ll want to follow her blog to see all the exquisite photographs of her trips—there might be an inside hint of where the brand is headed next.




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