Dr. Glenn A. Sisk on What it Means to
Provide & Protect in 2016


The idea that a man’s function is to provide and protect is nothing new. The phrase brings up images of a 1950s family man walking in the door with his briefcase, or a caveman building traps to protect his family from wild beasts.

The social arrangements of the past still color our thinking, though the picture of life on earth has changed dramatically. Many of us now enjoy living in peaceful environments where we face little threat to our physical security. Women have agency and do not require a man to thrive. In a world so different from the one in which the concept originated, have men lost their age-old purpose?

I believe the answer is no. For men who are masculine at their core, the driving desire to provide and protect the feminine is alive and well. Fortunately it runs deeper than bringing home the bacon or keeping the fire burning, and it’s no longer about dominance, control, or financial provision.

If you’ve been reading Divine Living, then you’re likely familiar with the concept of masculine and feminine energies. There are both in all of us, though a majority of men are masculine at their core, and a majority of women are feminine at their core.

masculine-1The masculine energy is the force that takes action, makes decisions, and sets up structures. It’s the linear and the tangible. Meanwhile the feminine energy is intuitive, spiritual, flexible, and flowing.

We can all benefit from understanding how these energies play out in life—especially when it comes to what we need to give and receive to be fully in our power. The way the masculine energy supports the feminine can play out between two people in a relationship, or within one well-balanced person. We all have parts of us that need to be protected, and parts of us that are fulfilled to protect. So what does it mean to provide and protect in 2016?

In a committed relationship between a masculine man and a feminine woman, there are many ways the man should provide for and protect the woman regardless of their financial arrangement. The most important kind of protection is emotional.

masculine-quoteIn my relationship with Gina, my wife and soul mate, it’s my role to understand her feminine energy and hold the container for it. I know her well enough to sense which situations will send her into a spin, and do whatever I can to handle those for her. I also hold the space for her to be vulnerable, and I understand that she’s not looking for me to fix things, she’s looking for me to be present, to listen to her, to be her rock, and unconditionally support her in moving forward.

Whether in running our business or simply in life, I will also speak out on Gina’s behalf or handle things that require confrontation, though it’s not because she can’t do it herself. Like many women, my wife does have a balanced masculine side that will rise to defend her if threatened—she’s not afraid to speak up for
herself. However if I can deal with something before it gets to her, that is one way that I serve and protect her to be free in her feminine.

I’ve found the important thing is to know which battles are worth fighting. So many of us start out as warriors, ready to draw swords at a moment’s notice. It’s been a process for me to become the king, accumulating the wisdom of experience, and growing to understand what kinds of support empower people, and what kinds limit them.

masculine-2As I mentioned earlier, the empowered masculine doesn’t seek total dominance, or the kind of relationship where nothing gets in without going through them first. A true king supports his queen in her personal growth—in confronting her own challenges and making her own decisions.

The same balancing act that goes on between a man and a woman in a relationship like mine and Gina’s is likely to be happening within and around you on a daily basis. Perhaps you’ve experienced a time when your feminine intuition senses something isn’t right, and your masculine energy directs your body to put your guard up, without you making the conscious choice to do so. Being empowered and balanced means that this kicks in for you at the right moments, and your reactions are unobstructed by fear or ego. Your inner warrior can also grow into a king.

Even without a committed man in your life, you can create for yourself structures and mindsets that keep you protected and provided for, so you can be more fully in your feminine power. Just as in a relationship you need a deep mutual respect, cultivate an inner respect between your masculine and feminine sides, allowing both to express themselves at the right times.

Do what needs to get done to provide for yourself. Set up structures in your business, and receive support from those you trust. Be grateful for masculine energy in the form of money, and be empowered to take care of yourself as a queen does. Create the protected space to allow for a nurturing emotional and spiritual life. Remember that the universe is the ultimate provider and protecter, and as we like to say around here—it has your back.



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