Even while we’re spending plenty of time enjoying the moment with loved ones, the end of the year always inspires reflection.

And that’s a good thing. To reflect is a feminine state of being. As opposed to the masculine energy of doing, it’s to simply sit and be with something—with your desires, your dreams, and even with your hurts and your frustrations. All and any emotions you may feel, thoughts you may have, and self-analysis should be part of your reflections.

For women like us, reflection is an essential part of a balanced and beautiful approach to business and life. So instead of letting our thoughts about the year whiz past us and pull us out of the present, how might we take a conscious approach and be even more observant and self-aware?

Firstly, it’s important to make yourself a priority (you’ve been giving so much to others!) and carve out some time to sink into your journal. As you begin to write, you don’t need to pump yourself up or tear yourself down—just be neutral as you seek to know yourself better. What have you learned about yourself this year? What is your zone of genius, what is not? Where do you thrive, where do you not? What excites you, what doesn’t excite you?

While it’s a season of gratitude and cheer, that doesn’t mean you ignore what’s inside of you. Go ahead and look at everything …your feelings matter! And the more you are there for yourself, the more you see yourself, and the more you are conscious of your own emotions, the faster and easier it will be to transform any feelings of regret, resentment, hurt or fear. Some people say they have “no regrets,” however, I’m not one of them. I admit to having regrets, and I learn from them, get them out of my system, and let them go.

Now that you’ve released any thoughts and emotions that do not serve you or your purpose, make a big, long list of everything you’re proud of, happy about, and grateful for. Include everything that happened over the year, all of your achievements, good times, new connections, trips, opportunities, and relationships.
Finally, in that positive, receiving mindset, ask yourself—if anything were possible, what would your desires look like for 2016? Believe me that you are not alone in wanting to be a bigger player in the world. Know that the dreams inside you are real, and that your ability to live your purpose is as always, rock solid.

Next month, we’re going to be working on planning out the year and going after those big dreams. For now, get confident in who you are and who you desire to be. What works for you and what doesn’t. Start 2016 firmly in your power, and get ready to manifest a life and career that you absolutely love.






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