How Daring to Go Fly Fishing Took
My Relationship to a New Level


I never thought too deeply about fly fishing, yet I had a pretty strong reaction to the idea. Honestly, if you had asked me to go a couple of months ago, I would have been hard-pressed to think of something I’d want to do less.

Meanwhile my husband Glenn has been going fly fishing for years now, darting off somewhere with his buddies to stand in the water all day. It just seemed so unappealing to me.

Finally I became curious and actually stopped to ask—why does Glenn like fly fishing? What about this activity that repels me is so enjoyable to him? Maybe…I thought, I should give it a try.

adventures-1Luckily Jackson Hole offered me a glamorous entry-point. The Four Seasons arranged a private, luxury experience for us, so we were equipped with all the best gear to stay warm and dry. Plus, I knew I’d be coming back to the hotel for a good meal and a hot shower later that night, so how bad could it be?

Still, I think I expected it to be kind of dirty, a bit boring, and definitely cold. Not exactly my scene. Pushing myself out of the box and into the river, I was surprised to find the complete opposite! Once I got out there, my eyes were totally opened as to why Glenn’s been doing it all these years.

First of all, there was the sheer beauty of being in nature, and a deeper level of connectedness for actually standing in the river and feeling it around us. The act of fishing itself was rhythmic and meditative. And keeping my balance in the gentle current was just challenging enough to allow for focused relaxation. I wasn’t thinking at all about checking my e-mail or Facebook—there were no screens in sight!

adventures-2The serenity of it all really opened me up, and I have to say it was actually kind of romantic. It’s something you do independently, yet together, sharing in the high-vibrational energy of the environment, feeling at one with nature and with each other.

Glenn does so much of what I want to do—as any great man who wants his woman to be happy does. But this was a time for me to turn the tables and share in his interests and passions. I didn’t look at it as a sacrifice, however it actually ended up being a big gift for me. I am still amazed by how much I enjoyed the experience, how much it matured me and opened my mind. I even look forward to doing it again in other places!

I think it’s critical in relationships for us to come together every so often and try something new. These times of relaxation and pleasure are the ones we remember, they are what keep us connected and strengthen the work that we do. It was epic and exhilarating for Glenn and I to discover this new way to enjoy each other. While we will surely continue to delight in one of our favorite activities—fine dining!—I look forward to always stepping out of our routine.

What I’ve learned is that it’s best not to wait for problems or lulls in your relationship before making an effort to change things up. I encourage you to keep things fresh and moving now by engaging your curiosity about your partner, and setting off on a new adventure together—whether it’s a trip to their favorite restaurant you swore you’d never try, or a jaunt somewhere they’ve been dying to go. When you get there, stay open, put the technology away, and be present—you never know what you’ll discover.




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