Almost every woman entrepreneur I know values and craves the support of a mentor. We’re used to seeking out guidance when it comes to our businesses, relationships, health, or personal development.

Yet when it comes to style, few of us would consider a mentor for our wardrobes. Sure, celebrities and television stars need stylists, but us? I used to think people who hired stylists were wasting their money. I thought I already had enough of a sense of style, and that I’d rather spend the money on the clothes.

Here’s what I’ve realized since. Today, developing a personal brand demands a lot of content. You need to be constantly presenting yourself in photos and videos, for blogs, social channels, and advertising. At the same time, you have live events, client meetings, and retreats. These are all major brand moments, and they all require a wardrobe.

sam-quoteIn 2014 when I started The Academy, I had seven global live events every quarter, plus constant photo-shoots on my itinerary. My wardrobe was getting to be a lot to manage, so much so that at times I wished I had created a Gary Vayneruch brand instead of Divine Living.

Finally I got the memo—“You need a stylist!” I didn’t really know how to go about finding the right one. I had heard of the celebrity stylist Sam Saboura from his work with Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt, and Sarah Jessica Parker (just to name a few). As one of the top stylists in entertainment, you probably know Sam as a prominent T.V. style authority, reality show host, and Today Show commentator.

Following my instinct, I had my people call his people, and soon enough he was at my house going through my closet
to see what he had to work with. After about ten minutes he looked over at me and said, “Your bras are ruining my life!” And there it was—an explosion of laughter! We’ve been doubled over crying together in front of clothing racks ever since.

As a stylist, what he does goes far beyond making sure I get those leopard Louboutins. I’m always impressed and moved by the level of care and attention he puts into his work. When making style choices, he considers not only how I feel as a woman in an outfit, but what message I am portraying and the overall creative vision of my company. I honestly don’t know what I’d do without him.

Along with being my stylist extraordinaire, Sam is also the Editor-in-Chief of Divine Living Magazine—so you’ll be getting to know him a lot better. Stay tuned for his expert style tips and amazing sense of humor. For a daily dose of Sam, be sure to follow him on Instagram (@samsaboura) and Twitter (@samstyles).


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