Lofty Dreams Come to Life in the
Fairmont’s Stunning Penthouse Suite

During my recent stay at the Fairmont San Francisco, I was thrilled to get a better taste of the suite life. The hotel was so generous to open up their historic Penthouse Suite for us to shoot part of this issue, and the Divine Living team enjoyed a glorious
afternoon of soaking up the grandeur.

Walking through the halls of the hotel, I was so inspired to see the photos of dignitaries, heads of state, politicians and icons who have all stayed in the Penthouse and made such amazing contributions to the world. There is so much power in putting yourself in an environment that matches up with your goals and the level of impact you hope to have, and the opportunity to spend time in this exclusive setting really raised my vibration.


This suite has true wow-factor worthy of the $18k a night price tag. Fit to entertain up to 130 people, it has three bedrooms, a spacious living room with several seating areas, an oversized dining room, and spectacular views of the iconic San Francisco skyline everywhere. I love the traditional, yet chic decor, from the regal floor-to-ceiling curtains to the dramatic four-poster bed in the master bedroom. The look is a delicate mix of feminine and masculine that feels classically luxurious.

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An elegant dining option for authentically local, innovative cuisine, including farm fresh salads and market-driven seafood. 


I could easily imagine hosting a high-end retreat or event from this expansive, fabulous space. The massive living room feels like an updated manor parlor, with several seating areas and a grand piano to gather around. You could host cocktails out on the patio, and receive clients or work in the library, where a double-decker rotunda stacked with books leads up to a ceiling painted like the night sky, lit up by all the signs of zodiac. For intimate dinner parties or board meetings there’s an incredible regency style dining room, and for a bit of play, there’s access to an elegant billiards room done in Moroccan tile.


There was a time in my life where I wouldn’t have allowed myself this level of luxury. Just the notion of a “Penthouse suite”—my immediate reaction would have been, that’s for somebody else. Spending the afternoon at the Fairmont helped me realize how limited my thinking was. So often women like us take ourselves out of the game before we’ve even tried to play it. My mentality used to be, I’ll become a flight attendant, because that’s the only way I’ll be able to travel. Or, I’ll volunteer at auditoriums, so I can watch the concert. It never occurred to me that I’d be able to just buy a ticket!

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The Fairmont’s new rooftop herb garden is a beautiful place to unwind and take in the sweeping city views.

I’m here to remind you that whatever level you’re at, you don’t need to be anybody else in life to experience the best of it. I’m not suggesting everyone should go out an book a night in the most expensive possible suite tomorrow, but as we all grow and expand, we can all put money in meaningful places that raise our vibration, expand our thinking, and enable us to contribute even more to the world. The more we show up for ourselves and live fully, the more we inspire others. Ask yourself, to what degree is your idea of what’s possible, or what’s “reasonable” to desire holding you back from your most impactful life?

To expand your thinking, I invite you to do a visualization on what it would feel like to land in a city you’ve been longing to visit, arrive at your choice hotel, and be given the keys to the presidential suite. See yourself walking to the elevator, arriving in the suite, taking in the view, and entertaining friends and colleagues in the living spaces. How does it feel to be in such grandeur? How does it impact your work, your energy, and your creativity? Connect to your desire and create a vision board to guide you. Notice how your environments begin to better reflect this new vision of yourself.

Suddenly the presidential suite won’t sound like anything less than possible, because your dreams have no limits.

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The Fairmont knows how to serve tea in style. Enjoy their high tea service in the glorious lobby, or in your suite. 


Major Moments at

The Fairmont

1 San Francisco’s infamous 1906 earthquake delayed the Fairmont’s opening by a year. It had just completed construction, and withstood the quake, but was damaged in the subsequent fires that tore through the elite Nob Hill neighborhood.

2 A sign of the cultural moment, after the quake the first woman to graduate from the prestigious École des Beaux Arts in Paris, Architect Julia Morgan, was hired to oversee the hotel’s renovation.

3 The Fairmont has served as the San Francisco residence of every U.S. President since Taft, who won in 1908.

4 The hotel experienced its second golden age after WWII. A new owner hired famed designer Dorothy Draper to redo the lobby and public spaces, and suddenly it became a place to see and be seen once again.

5 In 1945, the Fairmont hosted meetings for the newly formed United Nations council. The organization’s charter was drafted in the hotel’s Garden Room. The flags that grace the front of the building represent all the countries that signed that year.

6 From the 40s and even into the 1980s, the Fairmont’s Venetian Room was a hotspot that hosted many of the biggest names in popular music, like Ella Fitzgerald, Nat King Cole, and James Brown.

7 The Venetian Room is also where Tony Bennett first sang his classic hit, “I Left My Heart in San Francisco” in 1961.

8 The Fairmont has been featured in many films, including Hitchcock’s classic Vertigo. It also set the stage for the 1980s TV show Hotel.

9 In 1999, the hotel went under an $85 million restoration bringing it back to its 1907 glory, tearing down the 1940s makeover to uncover Julia Morgan’s original marble and ornate design work.

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