Inside scoop: I’m a repeater. If there’s a restaurant I like, you will see my face there frequently. If there’s a brand I like, it will be all over my closet. And when it comes to home goods, I like to keep my kitchen and dining room stocked with Williams-Sonoma.

My love affair with WS began when I was a struggling new life coach. The first week that I actually made a profit, I decided to treat myself. I suppose I could have gone to Tiffany’s, but Williams-Sonoma had just opened near my place in Santa Monica, and it called to me. I remember walking in the back door, and all of a sudden all was well. The beautiful stemware, the colorful Le Creuset pots, the linens freshly arrived from France, and cookbooks everywhere!

This was my idea of the good life, hosting friends and family at home, cooking and spending time together. My budget may have only been $60 that first week, but I loved spending time in this beautiful place and walking out with my first all clad pan to celebrate my success.

I think it’s so important that we women entrepreneurs know how to treat ourselves to the things we deeply desire in life—especially on the holidays. It’s great to focus on giving to others, but we have to remember to give to ourselves too! So, whether this is your moment to go on a WS bender or just pick up a few chic elements for that Thanksgiving table setting, I’ve selected my favorite pieces for a Tuscan-inspired look. Enjoy!



Antique White Platter With Handles
$50-80 Yes Please!



Thanksgiving Crackers with Trinkets
$24 Yes Please!



Plymouth Turkey Dinnerware Collection
$48-55 Yes Please!



Balustrade Dining Table
$1,995 Yes Please!



Stoneware Turkey Salt and Pepper Shaker
$20 Yes Please!



Decorative Leaves
$12 Yes Please!



Hammered Copper Collection
copper charger
$55 Yes Please!

Hammered Copper Sleeve with Glass
$25 Yes Please!

Hammered Copper Ice Bucket With Lid
$120 Yes Please!

Copper Napkin Rings
(Set of 4) $40 Yes Please!



Wine Country Harvest Linens
Wine Country Harvest Jacquard Runner
$64 Yes Please!

Wine Country Harvest Jacquard Napkins (Set of 4)
$40 Yes Please!



Hampstead Flatware Place Settings
$56-200 Yes Please!



Plymouth Oak Mug
(Set of 4) $40 Yes Please!



Plymouth Hard Turkey Mat
$13 Yes Please!



Dome Place Card Holders
(Set of 4) $20 Yes Please!



Gold Rim Coupe Glasses
(set of 4) $60 Yes Please!



Staub Ceramic Pumpkin Cocotte
$45-55 Yes Please!



Silver-Plated Candle Collection
Tiny Taper Candles
(Set of 12) $15 Yes Please!

Silver-Plated Tiny Tapers Holders
$10-30 Yes Please!

Silver-Plated Hurricanes
$70-100 Yes Please!

Colored Pillar Candle
$8-27 Yes Please!



Palau Woven Tray
$158 Yes Please!




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