Our Top 10 Favorite Films Shot in Ireland,
From Feel-Good Comedies to Sweeping Adventure Stories


Looking forward to watching sports after Thanksgiving dinner? Neither are we. We do think however, that this weekend is a fabulous opportunity to relax and unplug and sometimes that means snuggling up and settling in for a movie night with the fam. And if our dreamy romp through Dublin has you craving more adventures on the Emerald Isle, then we’ve got just the thing. Ahead, the best in cinematic bliss to transport you to the enchanting world of the Irish, one film at a time.


Leap Year

In this pitch-perfect romantic comedy, Anna (Amy Adams) decides to take action rather than let another anniversary go by with no marriage proposal from her boyfriend. Instead she decides to pop the question herself, and plans to do so in Ireland on February 29th—the one day when Celtic tradition says a man must accept. Anna’s transatlantic scheme seems like a foolproof way of getting what she wants, until a dreamy Irish innkeeper has her second guessing who she truly desires to be with.


This critically-acclaimed modern day musical set on the streets of Dublin follows two struggling musicians who are bound to become great friends (and possibly lovers?)—while writing several beautiful songs together in the process. Played by two real-life collaborators, the protagonists help each other through heartbreak and hardship as they find themselves in the music.

P.S. I Love You

In the mood for a sweeping tear-jerker that will totally warm your heart? Go on a romantic adventure from New York City to Ireland as Holly Kennedy (Hillary Swank) follows a series of messages left behind by her late Irish husband, Gerry (Gerard Butler). Delivered in the most surprising ways and always signed “P.S. I love you,” the thoughtful letters help Holly move through the grieving process, lovingly guiding her into a new life.

Waking Ned Devine

If you’re craving a hearty laugh this weekend, you’ll love this charming tale of what happens when someone from a small Irish village wins the lottery, but passes away before he can claim the ticket. As the community bands together to bring in the seven million pound jackpot by disguising a fellow villager as the deceased Ned Devine, hijinks ensue. With a colorful cast of characters and plenty of big surprises, this acclaimed comedy is sure to leave your whole family in a great mood.

The Commitments

Journey to the Northside of Dublin circa 1987, where aspiring club promoter Jimmy Rabbitte maneuvers to assemble a rhythm & blues band in a city where top-shelf soul musicians are hard to come by. After many rounds of open auditions in his working class neighborhood, Jimmy discovers two rare talents who help make his dream come true. The hit film follows Jimmy’s ragtag band as they try to make it big, delivering just the right mix of comedy, drama and show-stopping musical numbers to make for a fun weekend watch.


Anyone who grew up on the East Coast of the United States will feel a pang of nostalgia for this classic story of Irish girl meets Italian boy. Though you don’t need to be a Brooklyn gal to enjoy this critically-acclaimed period romance with stunning performances from Saorsie Ronan and Emory Cohen, the beautifully-shot film is not only a feast for the eyes, it will also pull on your heartstrings and engage your mind in questions of love, home, fate and identity.

My Left Foot

This inspiring film tells the true story of Irish cerebral palsy victim Christy Brown, who surmounts great odds to become a well-known author, painter and fundraiser. Starring Daniel Day Lewis in one of his first Academy Award-winning roles, the film is engaging and exhilarating as the autobiography on which it’s based. Though Brown’s story begins with excruciating struggle, it will ultimately leave you with a feeling of triumph.

Saving Private Ryan

The iconic opening sequence of one of the most famous World War II films of all time happens to have been shot in (you guessed it) Ireland. In fact, the Irish Defense Forces supplied 2500 men as extras in Spielberg’s D-Day masterpiece, supporting some of the most beloved A-list actors in Hollywood. No matter how picky your family members, you can’t go wrong with an immersive, award-winning drama like this one and now that you know, keep your eye out for shots of the Emerald Isle on your next watch.

Becoming Jane

Austen lovers rejoice: this movie is all about the great, untold love story that inspired the author to impart such wisdom when it comes to romance. Shot in Dublin, Ireland, Becoming Jane may be based on historical gossip more than fact, and yet by drawing parallels to Austen’s novels it paints a charming portrait of the woman she might have been. Throw in a love-interest played by the handsome Scottish actor James McAvoy, and you’ve got our full attention.

The Princess Bride

Few films manage to blend romance, fantasy, adventure and comedy as brilliantly as The Princess Bride, and when we realized many of its most majestic moments were shot on the Emerald Isle, that was enough to make the cut. Earning itself a spot on so many best-of-all-time lists, this beloved film is a no-brainer when it comes to pleasing a crowd and if anyone in your family hasn’t seen it yet, perhaps the time is now.



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