Craving a Jet Set Lifestyle?
Here’s How to Create
a Business that Makes it Possible

I know I’m not  the only one who has ever wanted something bigger, more exciting, and more impactful than the 9-5 office life. I remember back when I was a psychotherapist, going to the office day after day, seeing client after client—and feeling quite uninspired. Not because my work wasn’t meaningful, it was. I just wanted to do the work I love and see more of the world. Now I’m proud to say my office comes with me, whether I’m working from a 5-star suite overlooking the Eiffel Tower, or a private rooftop cabana in Beverly Hills.

The idea of working from anywhere in the world isn’t exactly new (though for me the excitement never gets old). Some of us have been doing it for years now, but at this moment it’s really starting to catch on as more and more entrepreneurs opt for the laptop lifestyle. Over the past ten years, I’ve had the great joy of being a pioneer in my field, leading the way in developing luxurious destination coaching intensives around the world, and creating a business model that supports my love of global travel and jet set style. I’m beyond proud to now see so many of my clients doing the same, living a dream life of adventure once thought impossible for women like us!

Today I’m here to show you what is possible. We have the ability to create profitable businesses that support any and all of our desires, including a life where First Class transatlantic flights are the #newnormal. So drop whatever old ideas you have about how businesses are run, and join me poolside at the beautiful Villa Cora in Florence. In this video, I’m sharing 10 steps to creating a business that allows you to live like a star and have the major impact you were made for. Watch it now to find out how with the right focus, thinking, and action, you too can work from anywhere. Chances are you already have an idea of where your next office might be—so leave us a hint in the comments!



Step 1
Let Your Purpose & Your Money Be BFFs

The best foundation for a business that supports your passion is: your passion. What is the real reason you desire to be of service? Money goes where there is purpose, so dig deep and get clear on why you’re in business in the first place. Let it be a place of pure delight, and you’ll tap into your most powerful self.


Step 2
Super Model Business!

Before you start throwing up products and services on Facebook, think through your business model, and understand what works for you. For instance, my model is high-touch, low-tech—which means lower volume and a higher price point. Many of my clients prefer to create products that are super high-tech and low-touch, like info products and online courses. Some prefer working one-on-one with clients. It doesn’t matter what your preference is, but you have to design it so that it makes financial sense.


Step 3
Work Out Your Wealth Consciousness

In the beginning I was asking the wrong question: “What do I have to do to make money, please someone tell me!” And when my husband would answer back, “It’s all between the temples,” my reaction was frustration. Soon enough I realized he was right, and that a strong money mindset is so powerful and so necessary! You have to work on your wealth consciousness regularly and really know Universal Law to be at the frequency needed to attract financial abundance.



Step 4
Smart Girl’s Guide to Passive Income

Women like us might typically run away from masculine structures, but smart girls know they are meant to serve our femininity. When you have something to offer the world, a product, service, or program, you need those masculine structures set up online to be able to put your services out there for you. That is what allows your people to purchase from you while you’re traveling, at yoga or even sleeping.


Step 5
Busy is Boring

I’m interested in working smarter, not harder. Think about the people you know who are just BUSY. What are they doing really? Do they inspire you? Do you wish you had their life? Probably not! Commit to money making activities and start valuing your time like the star that you are.


Step 6

I’ve seen many clients create a lot of drama in their lives by not knowing exactly who they are meant to serve. The thinking is: I want to do something with impact, to help save the world, I could maybe do this or maybe do that. I always tell them, you have to get clear on this. To have success, you must do the work to understand exactly who it is you are serving and define your niche.



Step 7
Create a Brand that WOWS

A brand is a promise. It’s an experience people have of you. To know your brand, you have to understand what’s different about you. I promise you, whatever it is, it’s in you. No one in the world has ever been you, so you are already unique. The key is to explain that in a message and market that message so the people you’re meant to serve can see exactly why you are their coach.


Step 8
Market from the Heart

I dreaded the idea that I would have to learn marketing, but I overcame that fear, and it was worth it. What I wish someone had told me at the beginning is that marketing is just about giving your messages to the world—about sharing more of you. It’s not magic, it’s a skill, but when it comes from your heart and you find what mediums work for you, you’ll start to excel at it and make the sales you desire.


Step 9
Assemble Your Dream Team

The way I’m able to do everything I do, is not by doing it all myself. It wasn’t always this way, but now I have wonderful people in my business who I collaborate with, have fun with, and delegate to. The year I hired my first virtual assistant for just 15 minutes a week was the same year everything changed. By that December, I had four full time people working for me! Trust me, your team is an essential investment and the only way to create a profitable business that you love, and allows you the flexibility and freedom you crave.



Step 10
Find a Fab Following

It’s fun and it’s absolutely necessary to put out regular content, and develop a loyal audience for what you have to say and what you have to offer. Your list is what makes you money, and you can leverage social media and advertising to grow your following and increase your potential for impact.



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