How to Flip Your Reality and
Start Living Your Dream


This morning, I received an e-mail from a client of mine. Before we started working together, she had been a finance executive in New York City. Though she was great at her job and successful, she was miserable in the corporate environment and craved a big change. She had saved up enough money to comfortably quit the firm and dive straight into launching her own business—and she was fully dedicated to making it happen.

For a while, she was struggling. In the email, she described to me how she had been having such a difficult time meeting her goals. She couldn’t understand why things weren’t working out as she expected them to. She was smart, talented and confident in her abilities, so it was frustrating to feel like she couldn’t figure out the rules of the game, or like she just wasn’t lucky enough to win.

After this set up, came the big reveal. Her next paragraph opened with, “And then, I got it.”

You know that moment when it seems like the universe aligns and you find yourself in the center of it and all of sudden, something becomes crystal clear?

I call it the “wow moment” and to see it happen for my clients, is the moment I live for.

glenn-quote-1I kept reading as my client described how miraculously her frustration dissipated as soon as she understood what had been holding her back. She saw clearly the self-limiting story she had been telling herself about building her own successful business and all the ways it stopped her from claiming what she dreamed of in life.

As the story went on, I saw her language transform. She was empowered to say I am and I can, acknowledging that she is worthy of receiving what she desires and that she is in fact, building a successful coaching business. I could tell she had her epiphany and that there was now no stopping her.

For some people, the wow moment arrives seemingly out of nowhere. For others, extreme experiences or traumatic events will force it into being. But for most of us (as it was for my client), it comes from simple dedication, repetition and consistent work.

It does take time, but for my client, it happened relatively quickly. What she did that most people don’t do, was take precise action daily with the goal of transforming her mindset. She committed to reading everyday, immersing herself in books like Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill and The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles. She studied carefully and even memorized passages, to teach her brain and her consciousness a new way of thinking about the world and herself.

When you realize that you are a creator and that language (your inner monologue) is how you create your reality, then the next step is to become aware of your deepest conditioning and work to clear it out. It’s only then, through practice and subconscious training, that you can create a reality that reflects your true purpose and desires.

If you look at the words you’re speaking and what your reality is, you’ll usually find that the two are right in line. The key, as Osho would say, is to flip the coin and go to the other side. You can wait for life to do it for you, or you can choose to get yourself there. Once you embark on the path however, you’ll have to keep moving forward while staying rooted in your purpose. To live a heart-led life isn’t necessarily easy, so you have to take care of your mental state.

quote-2-glennIt’s just like taking care of your body. Yes, the wow moment will boost your confidence and move you down the path. Like with exercise, you’ll feel better and happier every time you successfully reach your goals and be even more inspired to take action. But if you stop working out and stop eating the diet that suits you best, you’ll be out of breath, lose muscle mass, put on weight, feel sluggish, suffer from indigestion and make yourself more susceptible to disease.

Your mind is also a muscle and if you’re smart, you’ll keep working it. It takes dedication to stay grounded in your purpose and without it, you’ll slip back into that old conditioning. You have to commit to consistent meditation, personal development and self-care. Otherwise, you won’t be strong enough to handle all the new challenges (or, opportunities for further wow moments) that life will most definitely throw your way.

Decades into my own personal development journey, I’m still always arriving at new epiphanies, becoming aware of new parts of myself and moving further along my path. When thoughts from my old belief systems come up (and they always will), I know to go into my mantra and flip the coin to the other side.

We all have the power to do this, no matter what level we’re at. For anyone who wants to create a transformation, the journey is to find out what your conditioning is, what belief systems are keeping you in your current reality, and what living out your true purpose would actually look like. When your life is aligned with your heart’s desires, it may not always be easy, but as my wife Gina would agree—the wow factor is worth it.





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