The Healthy Spirit
How the Chic Woman Entrepreneur
Does Mind-Body Health

After showing you inside my glorious stay at the Golden Door, it’s time to dive a bit deeper into spiritual side of health.

I believe that what’s going on inside of us mentally and spiritually is at the root of our physical experience. We can diet and exercise all we want, but if on the inside we aren’t fulfilled and at peace we’re unlikely to manifest the kind of lasting health and success we desire.

This week touches on all the elements of self-care a woman entrepreneur needs to be healthy inside and out, in business, body and spirit.

The responsibilities of running your own companies are no joke. I’ve seen how stress can be the biggest culprit in zapping a woman entrepreneur of her vibrance and energy, so we’ve put together plenty of ways to refocus on the bigger picture, gain clarity and confidence.

First up we have this month’s One-on-One column, where I share how I strengthen my spiritual practice to get through challenging times—without the drama and the stress. Meanwhile we’re helping you check in on the health of your business with my easy downloadable worksheet in this month’s Gina MBA.

Adding to the conversation on holistic health, my husband Dr. Glenn A. Sisk is back again with fabulous advice for how to steer clear of disease. With over two decades of Chiropractic work under his belt, we’re thrilled to share Glenn’s wealth of experience as a healer.

Next, we’re introducing another expert I’ve recently worked with who has a fascinating approach to helping women like us manage stress and uncertainty. Hilory Wallk is a Feng Shui and Chinese metaphysics practitioner whose work delivers incredible insights into who we are and where we’re going. Don’t miss the interview to find out how these ancient techniques can help you find your best path through life!

And lastly we have my dear friend and celebrity nutritionist Cynthia Pasquella, who has just launched my favorite new talk show, What You’re REALLY Hungry For. I was honored to be featured in Episode 3 and am so excited for you to see our conversation about when having it all is actually too much.

  All My Love,

P.S. Are you ladies with me on this health journey? Let’s chat. Share your own reflections on self-care and mind-body wellness in the comments!



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