That Golden Glow
Health & Beauty Secrets from my
Stay at the Legendary Golden Door

Last week we gave you a glimpse into 14 of the most luxurious wellness retreats around the world. Now, we’re taking a much closer look at one of the best of the best on that list: Southern California’s the Golden Door.

The Golden Door is totally legendary. Everyone from Elizabeth Taylor to Nicole Kidman has stayed there and I’ve been wanting to go for EVER. When we started planning our April Health Issue, I knew the perfect time was now.

While I’m not your usual detox candidate this year is different. I’ve committed to creating a deeper transformation around food and fitness and the Golden Door was just the place to honor and support that decision.

This week I’m taking you behind-the-scenes of my time at the Golden Door and introducing you to some of the experts who make the stay there so special. To bring the experience home with you, we’ve put together a fab new Divine Finds curated exclusively from the Golden Door’s boutique, featuring luxurious natural products from beauty must-haves to yummy treats.

The Golden Door is not only a mystical retreat in the Southern California mountains, it’s a fascinating business and brand—which of course I couldn’t ignore! So if you’re craving a little business inspo this week do not miss our interview with Golden Door COO Kathy Van Ness, who brings a fashion industry perspective to growing the company into a full-fledged lifestyle brand.

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P.S. I hope this week’s stories inspire you to do something special for yourself. Why not go somewhere beautiful and take a moment to focus on your health? We’d love to hear your ideas for an elegant everyday wellness retreat (even if it’s just to your bathtub). Let’s swap notes in the comments!



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