The Allure of the Amalfi

Italian-Inspired Adventures in Life,
Business & Pasta

With so many divine beach towns in the world, what brings me back to Positano summer after summer?
Well…there’s the draw of the day trip—taking a boat out to Capri for a day of shopping, or driving up to Ravello to stroll the ancient cobblestone streets high above the sea—chronicled in our latest edition of Day Tripping. There’s also the glorious Mediterranean weather, the lush mountain landscape and the one-of-a-kind eclectic glamour with a laid-back attitude.

But if I had to pick the number one thing? I think all the foodies (and pasta lovers) out there would agree. The Amalfi excels in Italian cuisine, especially in the summer when the citrus groves are bursting, the fisherman are out in spades and the markets are alive with color.

This week in Divine Living, join us as we explore the Amalfi, taste its classic flavors and bring a bit of it home to our kitchens. First, we’re taking you inside Positano’s quintessential beachfront bar and restaurant Chez Black, where the sea urchin pasta is legendary. Then, we’re going shopping for gourmet delights and luxe cookware to inspire our next serata.

We’re also talking about the thing Italian food culture revolves around even more than the seasons: la famiglia. I’m excited to introduce Natalie Berthold, a Family Constellation Therapy expert who’s here to talk to us about the unconscious ways our inherited dynamics show up in our lives and businesses.

And speaking of business, we may be having a grand time sipping limoncello by the sea, but we haven’t forgotten about our clients. This week I’m diving into my favorite way to connect with my audience—the effortless travel video. Check out the story to get all my tips for how to create a daily routine that fits easily into your big summer adventures.

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