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Living Beyond the Limits

I’ve heard every reason in the book for why women like us can’t have the lives that truly light us up—and I’m here in beautiful Positano to remind you that yes, we can. Now is the time for women everywhere to go beyond the world’s expectations, design businesses we love, create great wealth and step into the fabulous lifestyles we desire. It is the new possible.

It all starts with reclaiming our power and letting go of all the excuses, stories and conditioning that hold us back. When we realize that we are in fact creators and that reality is ours to shape, that’s when the magic happens. My husband Dr. Glenn A. Sisk calls it “the Wow Moment”—that crystal clear moment where everything clicks—and his latest story will guide you to finding yours.

Transformation can happen in an instant, but like a fit and healthy body, an empowered mentality takes practice to maintain. This week we’re showing you how. In my latest One-on-One column, I’m sharing the top three consistent practices that fast-tracked me to seven figures—all elements I’m still focused on to this day. And in Real Talk, I’m speaking to one of the biggest assumptions people make about my success, in the hopes that we can all start telling better stories about the women we look up to and free ourselves to shine even brighter.

No matter how hard you’re working out your mental muscles, don’t forget to have some fun. Summer isn’t over yet—certainly not in Positano—and this week we’re taking our cues from the Amalfi’s eclectic seaside glamour, from dinner to dressing to decor. To close out the season in style, start with Editor-in-Chief Sam Saboura’s guide to Euro summer fashion. Then, whip up an authentic Amalfi meal with yummy recipes from the legendary Mamma Agata, and elevate your office with chic furnishings and accessories inspired by our divine days in Positano.

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