Perfectly Positano
Living La Dolce Vita on Italy’s
Beautiful Amalfi Coast

Welcome to the ultimate summer playground. An hour south of Naples on the glorious Amalfi Coast, the pastel-colored cliffside village of Positano represents la dolce vita at its finest. Known for its picturesque beauty, sublime weather, delicious food and the local libation—limoncello—there is absolutely nothing in this gem of a seaside village that is overstated, overrated or overlooked—at least not by me.

Every summer, you will find me here: lounging by the pool, swimming in the sea, enjoying a margherita pizza and a glass of rose out on the piazza as the colorful houses tumble down to the clear blue bay. In the evenings, strolling down the steps to the beach for the most amazing pasta and fresh seafood under the stars. And for a relaxing day trip, sailing to nearby Nerano for lunch and running into Karlie Kloss, Katie Lee and former NFL star Mike Garett in the famous Lo Scoglio thatch-roofed restaurant.

Yes, that happened this summer—and in a nutshell, it’s part of what makes Positano so fabulous and so unique. There’s an authentic local culture that’s hundreds of years old and, a glamorous element that attracts celebrities and jet setters from around the world. It’s intimate and relaxing with a small town feel, yet grand, stylish and full of people who seek to experience life at its absolute best.

For a long time, spending a perfect summer in beautiful Positano was only a dream for me, but over the recent years of growing my business, it’s become something Glenn and I look forward to every season. So to now be able to photograph and share my love for this destination with all of you is such an honor and a delight.

This month we’ll be showcasing all of my favorite elements of glam Positano living. Hopefully it inspires you to add a luxe Amalfi escape to your travel bucket list (or to revisit if it’s been a while) and check it off next summer. As for right now, allow yourself a little European indulgence wherever you are. We’re here to remind you that it is still only August, so let’s take our cues from the Italians and celebrate life in divine living style.

  All My Love,




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