Going Glam in Vegas
Never Be Afraid to Look Your Best, Dahhhhling!

Something that I love about Vegas is that no matter how hard you try, you can never really be too much anything—too dressed up, too over-the-top, too fabulous.

A trip to Vegas is always an opportunity to shine as bright as neon. To play with fashion and beauty and try something bold while in this fantastical world.

However, no matter what city we find ourselves in, we should never feel the need to dim our own light.

One of the biggest challenges I see with women entrepreneurs is that we’ve been told, sometimes by our parents, sometimes by society, to never be “too much.”

For a long time, I suppressed my inner glamour girl. Coming of age in the early 90s, there was nothing more stifling to me than the grunge scene (sorry Nirvana fans). For me, it felt like it was illegal to look awesome.

Overcoming that era, I moved into career industries (personal development and politics) that, let’s just say, did not exactly have the Diana Vreeland stamp of style approval. So it took a while until I gave myself permission to look and feel my best in whatever way felt true to me.

Something we women entrepreneurs can all learn from Vegas is that we don’t have to squelch or hide ourselves. We don’t have to dress down, we don’t have to play small, we can take center stage in our lives and we can be as fabulous as we’d like every single day whenever and wherever we desire!

So for the Disney Princess inside all of us, the one who always enjoys rocking a gorgeous gown and living like the star of the movie (of our own life), this week is dedicated to all things glam. My hope is that our glitzy Vegas antics will inspire you to be your most glamorous self. No matter where you’re at in life, let this be your time to dazzle.

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