A Very Divine Living Holiday
Cherish All that You Are
this Holiday Season

December is always a beautiful month for me. On top of the fabulous celebrations I have to look forward to, I am so excited to be turning 44 this month and feeling blessed to have experienced that many amazing years on this planet!

Enjoying my own personal milestone is all the more special during the holiday season when the spirit of gratitude is in the air. It’s the same reason I love hosting the Divine Living Academy graduation event at the start of the month. It’s so much fun to gather all of our participants from around the world and celebrate how much we’ve all grown and all that we’ve accomplished.

Moving into the end of the year, I want to encourage each and every one of you to do the same. So often the focus is on whatever is still lingering on our list of goals, even though I know that if you take stock, you’ll find plenty to be proud of.

To help you do so, for the first time ever I’m inviting you to tune in live to next week’s Divine Living Academy event in Miami! This is your chance to join us from the comfort of your home, partake in three days of powerful trainings and activities, learn from guest speakers and witness the incredible transformations that are taking place. Get the details here to give yourself this inspiring gift this season.

After reminding you to acknowledge your accomplishments, the most important message I have to share this month is do not let the holidays pass you by. For so many years I myself missed out because I was worried about money and seemingly pressed for time, and so I let this beautiful time come and go, for no good reason other than to cater to my anxiety.

I know it can be stressful, especially when you’re feeling financially strapped. However, I want us all to remember that happiness is a choice, so this month’s short and sweet Holiday Issue is dedicated to helping you stay present and cherish all the good in your life, no matter where you’re at.

You might like to start by infusing your surroundings with a dose of holiday cheer—if so head to our story on how to decorate your home for the season. Then, get ready to give in style with our round up of ultra-chic wrapping paper, cards, ribbons and more.

As you start making your gift list, do not forget to add your name. People always ask me, “How do you keep going?” And I tell them, “It’s because I keep taking really good care of myself and fueling my desires.” Sometimes that comes in the form of a massage, sometimes in the form of a new handbag. But even when all I could afford was a new holiday manicure, I got excited about it and I was so grateful for it.

So give yourself permission to treat yourself a little extra special! There’s always something you can do to show yourself some love, and self-love goes a long way. For those of you who’ve hit your first $10K month or just had a six-figure launch, you may want to check out our gift guide for the chic woman entrepreneur. It’s full of luxurious and unique accessories, shoes, beauty products and more to celebrate how far you’ve come.

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