How to Give with Purpose and 
Style for the Holidays

Here at Divine Living, we fully support the great holiday tradition of gift giving.

I know that there exist mixed opinions on the topic. Some people consider the practice to be materialistic and overly commercialized, going so far as to ban gifts from their celebrations.

For me, gifting is a beautiful thing and I wouldn’t call my experience of it shallow or meaningless. Regardless of what you give or how much you paid for it, thoughtful gifting is a form of creative expression, and one of the many ways we humans have for millennia communicated our appreciation and love to each other.

This week is all about empowering you to really give with purpose. I want you to fully enjoy the process, so we at DLM have gone ahead and made things a little easier. Along with four fabulous click-through gift guides for your man, the girls, the team, and your furry friends, we’ve also put together the Divine Living Gift Planner. This downloadable PDF is my secret for gifting gracefully through Christmas. And because I’m a firm believer that spreading holiday cheer does not require you to check out of your business, we’re taking a look at the details of how the smart woman entrepreneur does both.

If in the midst of all the gifting glamour you’re craving more savvy business strategy, I will say that we’ve got a lot going on outside the pages of DLM. You might enjoy my BRAND NEW video series that I shot in Italy about women entrepreneurs creating something epically new in their lives, and you’ll want to follow me on Periscope @divinelivingmag to catch my live Money Makeover Show. Lastly, if you’ve yet to select your mentor for 2016, be sure to check out the Divine Living Academy and see if it’s right for you. If you’re ready, I’d love to help you design the life and business of your dreams in 2016.

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