Welcome to Cape Town
Inspiration for a Bold New Adventure

Hello from glorious Cape Town, where it’s currently the height of summer! This beautiful South African city has been on my bucket list for years now, so it is with such delight that I share my first trip with all of you.

I tend to travel a lot to Europe and within North America, so this was really my time to expand my horizons and experience someplace entirely new. Visiting a thriving city I had never seen before opened me up to a different perspective and a greater sense of possibility.

The experience finally gave me the clarity I needed to move forward purposefully on dreams that felt daunting or even unattainable. And because I know I’m not the only one who’s been stuck waiting for the “right time” to pursue my passions, this week’s Gina MBA is all about how to grow in a new direction while keeping up with your current responsibilities.

Of course being in Cape Town has been about much more than inspiration for my life and business. I really wanted to get to know this city on a deeper level. Much of our world has a heartbreaking history and in South Africa the wounds are relatively recent. I think it’s important for travelers to understand what different cultures have been through, so please join me in taking a look at South Africa’s political evolution in this month’s Haute History.

It’s true that the nations’s troubled past still lingers in the air. Certainly there are issues and there is pain, but I was also inspired to find a sense of hope and renewal. So you can look forward to a fabulous adventure this month as we showcase some of our favorite experiences on the Cape and beyond, from touring wine country to fine dining on the slopes of Table Mountain.

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