The Passionate Life
Finding Your Truth in Love & Politics

This week’s issue speaks to two contrasting sides of what’s going on in my world. Considering we share so much of the same experience, I imagine many of you might find yourselves in a similar emotional landscape.

On the one hand, Valentine’s Day is coming up and romance is top of mind. Maybe you’re sorting through conflicted feelings about the holiday—believe me, I am too. In “How to Celebrate Love,” I’m working through the process of finding an authentic way to celebrate what can sometimes feel like a hallmark holiday. Whether you’re single or dating, I recommend you do the same—and of course we wouldn’t leave you without a couple of ideas.

We hope you might treat yourself and those you love to a bit of luxury this Valentine’s, either by shopping our gift guide for him and for her, or by whipping up some of our favorite recipes for a romantic dinner (equally fab for an intimate dinner party).

At the same time, I know that it might feel difficult to celebrate love with all that’s going on in the world. To me, that makes it all the more important that we take time to cherish our loved ones, which doesn’t mean we have to ignore the bigger picture.

In fact, I think many of us are being called to become more conscious and aware than ever. I for one have realized that it’s time to rediscover my political voice and become active in a way that feels right to me. In this week’s Real Talk I’m reflecting on the political climate and searching for a feminine way of engagement and action.

Setting off on this new path, it couldn’t have been a better time for Divine Living to be in South Africa. Because who better to inspire a return to activism than one of the greatest change-makers of all time, Nelson Mandela? To cap this week’s discussion we have six essential lessons drawing on the wisdom of Mandela. Read it now and be reminded of what it takes to own your power.

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