Deciding You’re Worth It
Tap Into Your True Power Now

We shot this week’s cover at the Versace mansion in South Beach, one of the grandest, most extravagant locations we’ve visited to date.

What I love about this property is the fact that Gianni Versace never played it safe, held back, or considered that his vision might be too much. It really set the tone for us to ask: in what ways are we holding back from being our boldest, brightest selves? How can we make this the year we finally let ourselves shine?

One way I see a lot of women holding themselves back is what I call “analysis paralysis.” This is when we’re so terrified of making mistakes with our life and business decisions, that we keep ourselves moving in circles. To have the lives we desire, we need to develop a strong sense of self-worth and drop the fear of making bad decisions so that we can actually move forward. Do you agree? Check out this week’s Real Talk for three essential lessons to empower your decision-making.

As you consider the decisions that lay ahead, do not miss a very valuable message from my husband and our CEO Dr. Glenn A. Sisk. Glenn’s column this month is reminding you that whatever you choose to create in this life, you get to be the real you. His story will guide you to stay grounded in your authentic self while setting intentions for 2017.

Next, I’m delighted to introduce you to a group of women who have learned to make great decisions for themselves and are now allowing their truth to shine. I’d love for all of you to join me in congratulating this year’s Dare to Inspire Award Winners, honoring the Divine Living Academy graduates who have surpassed the 200K milestone in one year and opened up to an expansive level of abundance and impact.

I know that you too have come a long way from where you were just one year ago and I hope that you continue to celebrate everything you’ve accomplished. My prayer for 2017 is that you’ll remember that you’re never in this alone and that Divine guidance is always there for you. I’m sharing this spiritual reflection to remind you that the more you ask for guidance, assistance and support, the more you’ll receive it.

  All My Love,


P.S. What happens to a woman when she’s not worried about where to find her next ten clients or how to pay her mortgage? She becomes more centered, more herself, more effective and way more impactful. Watch our docuseries to go behind the scenes of the Divine Living Academy and anchor in what financial freedom is really all about. Watch Episode 3 now



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