Welcome to Miami

Vibrant Vibes for an Epic New Year

Happy New Year everyone! Welcome to South Beach, where Divine Living is kicking off 2017 with a vibrant, exciting new energy.

January always feels like a fresh clean slate of limitless possibilities, and we’re here to help you enjoy this time to the fullest. This month is all about getting ready for an epic year ahead and what better place to do so than in Miami?

This city has such a unique energy to it and no matter when I visit, it always feels so alive. Especially for those of us who are currently in snowier parts of the planet, I wanted to bring us here to soak up the buzz, the exuberance and the flair for life that Miami does so well. We all know how powerful our thoughts are, so let this issue to set the tone for a bright and colorful 2017.

Personally, I wrapped 2016 feeling more grateful than ever to be living my purpose. It is such an extraordinary time to be a woman and I know for a fact that when we get out of the should’s, the cant’s and the limitations, we very quickly see that actually, we’ve got this. In fact, no one can do our life like we can.

I know what it is to have big dreams that seem scary and out of reach. Maybe you do too. As I introduce you to the challenges that come up in my life and business this year, I hope that together we all can all move through those fears and surprise ourselves with just how much we’re capable of.

Along with some exciting new projects and collaborations on my horizon, I’m so excited to start working with the Divine Living Academy Class of 2017. I’m so inspired by the ambitious group of women we have this year from around the world, many of whom are starting completely from scratch in their businesses. It’s an honor to say that the class is almost full, but because I know a few of you are still out there wondering if this is for you—we do have a few limited spots left, so secure yours now.

As you draw up your plans for the year, never forget that there is no greater contribution in the world than becoming the best version of yourself. Looking at your deepest goals and desires, know that you can be playful and feminine and powerful and make a big difference in people’s lives. Take a stand for who you truly are, because now is your time to shine. Leave your comment below to share with us what 2017 is about for you!

  All My Love,




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