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Viennese Luxury to Inspire Your
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Traveling the world, learning about new cultures and meeting new people never fails to inspire me to think bigger and aspire for further growth—and in Austria we found beauty, elegance and fun everywhere we looked.

This months’s Divine Finds channels Vienna’s haute imperial sensibilities with decadent treats, sophisticated gifts and opera-worthy outfits. We’ll also be roaming the Austrian countryside in our latest edition of Day Tripping, visiting delicious restaurants and gorgeous gardens along the way.

To give you a local’s take on what’s chic in Vienna right now, we’ve brought in Silia aka the Viennese Girl, who captures the city so beautifully on her lifestyle blog. In our interview, you’ll discover Silia’s insider tips including where to escape the city on a hot summer afternoon and how to visit an imperial palace like a local.

If the grandeur of it all is inspiring you to a business up-level this summer, then you’ll have to join us for our second installment of summer school, featuring guest lecturer and superstar success coach Melissa Pharr. Prepping you to plan an epic six-figure launch this fall, it’s all about how to hire and lead the right team toward your goal.

Of course no matter how big your plans are, we wouldn’t want your summer to be all work and no play. If like me, you desire to travel the world for weeks (and sometimes months) on end while growing your business from your laptop, then chances are you need some support on the home front. Check out my story on how to manage your PA even while you’re on the other side of the planet, and meet my own rock star PA Rebekah to get our tips for finding a totally trust-worthy assistant to take care of your household as you jet set.

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