Imperial Dreaming
Inspiration for an
Expansive Mindset

We are back in beautiful Vienna this week with even more ways to elevate your everyday life, raise your vibration and stay focused on your business growth while soaking up the summer sun.

Those of you just starting out in business—or, looking to create a period of accelerated growth beyond what some might say is possible—will be delighted to hear that this month’s one-on-one column is all about the specific mindset work and action steps that took me from earning $2k a month, to running a multi-six figure business in under a year. I’m also bringing up a topic I cannot wait to hear all of your thoughts on—what to do when someone you admire falls off the pedestal. Read my story on When Mentors Let You Down and let me know what you think in the comments!

Bringing another perspective you all know and love into the mix is my husband and our CEO Dr. Glenn A. Sisk, who’s telling us how to check in on your 2016 goals and prep for a major year ahead. Check out his fabulous advice on why now is the time to revisit your plans and course correct as needed.

If you’re dreaming of a life hopping from one incredible city to the next—six weeks here, two months there—but not sure how to make it your reality, then you’ll also want to meet Daria Zest, whose story tells us what it takes to go from being stuck in a corporate job, to traveling the world with financial freedom.

Raising your vibration starts within you, but as you know here at Divine Living we appreciate the outer experience along with the inner. I love the sophistication of this week’s Austrian-inspired lifestyle stories, from our latest round-up of items to glam up your workspace, to a chic Viennese menu for your next summer dinner party, to our Girl’s Guide to Opera because who doesn’t love an elegant night at the theatre?

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