Welcome to Vienna
An Elegant Adventure in the Heart of Austria

Vienna may not get as much attention as Paris or Florence or London or Rome, but just like in high school Europe’s popular kids aren’t the only ones in the class worth getting to know.

In Vienna I was delighted to discover a heightened sense of refinement. People were polished, flowers were tended to, centuries-old buildings were carefully maintained and all the while classical music poured from the windows. It took me back in time to see older couples strolling through the park in the summertime, dressed up in jackets and pearls and closed-toed shoes.

Enhancing the elegance of the people was the most beautiful architecture. From baroque to art nouveau, Vienna has an abundance of grand cathedrals, palaces, hotels and concert halls. The pale white and yellow buildings give the city an elegant, feminine feel. It’s hard for me to admit, but Vienna is almost even prettier than Paris.

The Viennese I met took great pride in being Austrian and were eager to share their local culture. From the wine they serve in their traditional taverns, to the coffee they brew in their famous cafes, to their city’s many beautiful palaces, gardens and museums, they’ll want to make sure you’ve experienced it all.

However plenty of Viennese will tell you that even while local legends like Sigmund Freud and Mozart still loom large, the city isn’t at all stuck in the past. There’s also a modern, forward-thinking side to Vienna—a bustling student and start-up community, a chic global dining scene and a twenty-first century standard of living.

I had a lovely time spending the afternoon in one of Vienna’s iconic sidewalk cafes and strolling the cobblestone streets to visit Prada and Cavalli in the Golden Quarter, but one of the highlights of our trip actually took us outside the city walls.

One afternoon Glenn and I finished our work early for the day and decided to hop in the car and and just see where we ended up. We drove into the countryside toward the picturesque Mondsee Lake where we discovered the most spectacular mountain views. Then we stumbled upon a traditional “heurigen” wine tavern, a place that felt like an old farm, with all the servers dressed in Bavarian outfits. The menu was exclusively in German and we realized pretty quickly this was not a tourist spot. It felt like an authentic glimpse at a simpler way of doing life. And the fish they served, caught from the lake earlier that day, was delicious.

That road trip really set the tone for the summer—and for this entire issue of Divine Living. This is the time to be spontaneous. Why not take a long lunch, go exploring and discover something new? If you’re like me, then the warm weather is calling your name and suggesting you leave your laptop at your desk.

I say go for it. If our adventures in Austria inspire you to have a dreamy summer, then we at DLM have done our job. We believe it’s fully possible to grow your business while still enjoying some fun in the sun. Stick with us as we show you how.

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P.S. We want to know—how would you make the most of a summer afternoon? We all do it sometimes, right? Tell us what you think in the comments.



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