A letter from Gina

When I started this magazine, one of the elements I did not consciously think about, were the amazingly talented, smart, chic and successful other women entrepreneurs I’d get to meet along the way. Sometimes we can get a little isolated behind our computers as we work to bring our visions to life. One of the hidden benefits I’ve discovered is that having a magazine gives me the opportunity to reach out and meet new women who are up to big things in the world. And let me tell you, if you’re looking to meet exceptionally cool women, I highly recommend starting in Sydney!

It’s been a privilege (and a whole lot of fun) to get to know the women movers-and-shakers who make Sydney great. I was thrilled to connect with several creative entrepreneurs in Sydney to find out a bit about what they do and get their expert take on Australia’s vibrant entrepreneurial scene.

I spoke with one of Sydney’s top interior designers, Michelle Leslie, who this week shares her favorite home shops and tells us how she finds that coveted work-life balance. I also got to meet fashion designer Fleur Wood and have a fabulous lunch with her – an experience that refueled my own aspirations to start a clothing line, which I’ll share with you in this week’s story “The Inspiration.” We’ll also learn all about Australia’s booming wine scene courtesy of one of Sydney’s best known food and wine PR pros, Lindy Thompson.

This week also contains a story close to my heart. In response to a reader’s letter, I was able to share my personal journey to finding confidence and describe three steps to finding it for yourself. Give yourself permission to feel strong, feminine and completely at ease as you strut down those bustling city streets. Your time is now.

  All My Love,




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