Daring to be Iconic

This week of the Divine Living Magazine is very special to me. I reached a personal (and epic) milestone. Though I’ve played with the idea of starting a magazine since I was a little girl, it wasn’t until I picked up my first Donna Hay Magazine 10 years ago that I was inspired enough to consciously say to myself, “I want to create my own magazine!”

Like many of us are, I’m drawn to the glamorous, the gorgeous, the larger than life—the iconic things, people, and places that stand out and fill our beautiful world. When we’re drawn to things that stand for more than themselves, remain relevant through time, and most importantly, speak to our imagination on a grand scale, we are accessing the part of ourselves that is iconic.

Like any great world city, Sydney has more than its fair share of icons. From the spectacular Opera House to the blissful Bondi Beach and of course the one and only Donna Hay, this city is teeming with people and places that are larger than life.

This final installment of the Sydney Issue goes out to the icons of Sydney as well as to the icon within all of us. So this week, let every big, bold, daring, what-others-think-is-crazy part of you be seen and heard in your life, work and relationships.

There’s a lot to be learned from those who take a stand for their biggest dreams and take action on them immediately. As I continue to grow and explore the world, I’m always finding greater inspiration from those who dare to create something BIG. For instance, I couldn’t have been more excited to personally interview Donna Hay, whose outstanding work in chic food photography, cooking, and magazine editing is truly iconic at the level of Oprah and Martha Stewart. It was a dream come true to be able to share her story with you here.

This week you’ll also find my complete Divine Living City Guide to Sydney, a carefully curated collection of luxury hotels, delicious restaurants, exquisite boutiques, and fun activities to book up your next vacation or business trip Down Under. As an avid traveller, I’m passionate about experiencing all the unique places a city has to offer, and am so excited to divulge everything I found in Sydney.

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