Creating an Empowered Community

It has been so special spending the past several weeks with all of you exploring beautiful San Francisco. At the end of it all, I’ve learned that what makes this city so special for entrepreneurs is the community.

This isn’t the kind of town where you’ll get the side eye when you tell your old acquaintance you’ve just quit your job and are starting to raise seed capital. Instead, like Em Olson pointed out earlier this month, you’re surrounded by people who support big ideas and the risks you have to take to bring them to life.

If you’re a longtime reader of this magazine, then you already know how powerful it is to be supported by like-minded thinkers. It’s why here at Divine Living, community is one of our highest held values. It’s what we’re all about. And because we’re a global community of jet-setting entrepreneurs who happen to be highly plugged in, we get to take each other with us wherever we go.

So to close out this issue, we’re talking #squadgoals. From creating a community to scaling a company, it’s all about the greater impact that comes from joining forces and working together.

To start, I’m sharing my guide to all things live events. For several years now global luxury events have been THE cornerstone of the Divine Living community, and one of the most transformative aspects of my programs. For those of us working behind the scenes, it’s hardly all glamour and partying, but there are ways to make sure things run smoothly without burning yourself out—and I’m thrilled to divulge all my secrets!

I’m also introducing you to two incredible women entrepreneurs who have also built strong communities through their work. First we have Lena Requist, President of the successful enterprise software startup, ONTRAPORT, who’s worked to grow the company 5000% in the past three years. Lena’s operations and management savvy have earned ONTRAPORT distinctions as one of the best places to work, and she’s been so generous to share her expert advice on how to hire and manage teams to create a happy and effective company.

I also could not be more excited to have Author, Philanthropist, and Speaker Lynne Twist this week! When I read it in my 20s, Lynne’s book The Soul of Money was absolutely transformative for me and one of the first steps toward healing my own money story. Not only is Lynne a brilliant wealth consciousness coach, her impactful philanthropic pursuits have so much to teach us about community and giving back.

Enjoy this week’s line-up of business content, and stay tuned for an all new issue of Divine Living coming soon. It’s about to be April, and here at the DLM offices we’re already dreaming of summer on the Amalfi coast. Who’s ready for a little detox?

  All My Love,

P.S. We want to hear from you. What did you love about San Francisco? What were you hoping to see more of? Drop us a note in the comments with all of your suggestions!


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