The Luck Factor
Tuning into the Flow of Good Fortune

Ireland has been such a beautiful place to welcome in November. The country’s breathtaking emerald landscapes and warm, friendly culture have inspired us to slow down a bit, reflect on all that we’ve accomplished and get ready to celebrate a fabulous year with the ones we love.

This week, I want to encourage each and every one of you to look within and acknowledge everything that you’ve achieved, improved upon, or done differently this year. I know that when it comes to our own success, a lot of us have a tendency to think, “maybe I just got lucky.” Or perhaps we feel so unlucky, that we get stuck in comparison mode and fail to see the pot of gold at the end of our own rainbow.

Being in Dublin surrounded by symbols of good fortune, I found myself reflecting on this question of “luck.” Is there really such a force that shapes our wins and losses? And if so, how do we work with it? If you’ve ever felt like a victim of chance or the recipient of a windfall, I’d love to hear your thoughts. Check out my story “Who Are the Lucky Ones?” and let me know what you think in the comments.

Whether you find that fortune has favored you this year or not, I’m certain that we all have so much to be grateful for and now is the time to spread the love! With Thanksgiving right around the corner, this week’s lifestyle stories feature plenty of Irish inspiration for an elegant holiday season. If you’re hosting at home or planning to bring along a dish or two, head over to our curated selection of recipes with a delicious Irish twist. Then, shop this month’s luxurious Divine Finds to discover glamorous center pieces, sweet hostess gifts, chic emerald accessories and so much more.

However you plan to celebrate, we believe it’s entirely possible to indulge in the holiday fun without compromising your fitness goals. Our resident health and wellness expert Cynthia Pasquella is back again this month to share her top five ways to enjoy a figure-friendly feast this season. Bon appetite!

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