Slowing Down & Showing Up
Reflecting on What it Takes to
Get to Your Next Level

Wherever we are in the world, I know that right now, all of us are probably super focused on completing our 2016 goals. At the same time, we might be going through some major changes, facing obstacles both personal and professional, and wondering whether we’ll be able to make it across the finish line.

How do we stand by our desires even when big challenges threaten to distract or derail us? I received this question from a reader this month and felt we could all use extra support in this area during this time of flux and uncertainty. If you’re looking for some guidance in how to show up for yourself no matter what this season, head to this week’s One-on-One column and learn to make your dreams non-negotiable.

As we move into the final stretch before the Holidays, we all have a lot to reflect on if we want to make an even bigger impact next year. So no matter how much work is on your plate, I hope you’ll take some time this weekend to relax, spend time with friends and family, and express your love and gratitude for all the good in your life right now.

This week we have plenty of ways to do so, all inspired by our time in Ireland. To start, we’re sharing the country of wordsmith’s most famous verse: the Old Irish Blessing. It’s a beautiful way to spread the love this season and remind those who are struggling that the Universe will always have your back.

Then for a bit of fun with the fam, we’ve rounded up our top ten favorite movies shot in Ireland, from sweeping romantic dramas to hilarious comedies and everything in between. Then, to encourage you and your loved ones to enjoy each other’s company late into the night, try our perfect recipe for a Dublin-inspired Irish Coffee that’s not too boozy, not too sweet and totally heartwarming.

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