Benvenuti a Firenze!
Living La Dolce Vita in Beautiful Florence, Italy

I can say without hesitation that Florence is one of my top 5 favorite cities in the entire world, and there’s no time I’d rather be there than in the fall.

Most people go to Florence to see the art. The city is home to an unparalleled collection of iconic treasures, and the lines outside the main museums last hours in the spring or fall peak seasons.

I was fortunate early in life to be shown through Florence’s most famous historic buildings. However it was only later on, when I really got to explore the city’s fabulous culture of food, fashion, and fine wine, that I truly fell in love.

Today when I touch down in Tuscany I feel right at home. It’s not only that I’m Italian, but that I find myself among a whole country of people who all appreciate La Dolce Vita. It doesn’t matter how much money someone has or doesn’t have, in Italy everyone loves to celebrate life and knows just how to do it.

In Florence, Italian culture truly shines. The city was after all, the epicenter of the Renaissance, considered the bridge to our modern era. Walking around, I remember how all of this beauty was the product of a small group of people daring to do life a little bit differently, seeking to bring about a higher consciousness through their work.

I don’t know about you, but lately I’ve been craving a bit of a renaissance in my own life. The word literally means rebirth. It’s an expansion, a growth, a radical change for the better. It’s something all of us need from time to time if we’re to seek to our fullest potential.

As wonderful as my life is, one thing I’m humbled by is knowing that to have continuous success, we can’t just rest on our laurels and do the same thing year after year, hoping for even better results. So this week I’m diving a bit more into why women entrepreneurs need to push ourselves to innovate, grow, and create a renaissance in our businesses.

And because Fall is the perfect time to seek renewal in both business and your personal life, we’re kicking off the issue with plenty of lifestyle stories inspired by La Dolce Vita. It’s white truffle and porcini season in Tuscany, my favorite time of year and the inspiration behind my ideal Italian 7-course menu which I’m sharing with you here. This holiday season, why not get your friends and family together for a little dinner alla Toscana? Perhaps your dining room can have a renaissance, too.

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