The Art of Thinking Big
How to Enjoy Florence & Tuscany in Divine Style

What is it about Florence that keeps calling me back year after year? The list is long! I’ve discovered so much to love in this city, and this week I’m divulging some of my favorite finds. From must-have products to fabulous day trips, plus some of the best in the fashion biz, get ready for a very Divine Living take on Tuscany.

Not only do we have a luxe new edition of Divine Finds for you, we’re diving a little deeper into Italian craftsmanship, with Editor-in-Chief Sam Saboura giving us the scoop on the country’s leading fashion houses.

While I’m sure you’ll walk away with a renewed appreciation for Gucci and Ferragamo, I’m also introducing you to a very cool woman entrepreneur who I credit with designing the only flat shoe in the world that I will wear! I met Nicole Still a few years ago when I stumbled into the Viajiyu store in Florence, and on my recent trip I did not miss the opportunity to go back and pick up several more pairs of her beautifully crafted flats.

One question I get from women all the time is how do I balance work and travel. We all have our Instagram and Pinterest feeds to show us dreamy pictures of wanderlust, the kind that make life look like nothing but cappuccinos on the piazza and glamorous shopping excursions, while of course we still have our companies to run. However the truth is that it’s possible to have both. How? In this week’s Gina MBA I’m telling you everything I know about doing business like a jet setter.

Creating this dream life for myself has been a process. Everything you read about in this magazine is the result of me thinking and dreaming BIG. As you enjoy all my favorite Italian luxuries, above all I want you to think bigger for yourself and ask for more with confidence. The Guccis have. The Ferragamos did. It worked for them…why not you?

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