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Learning to Lead with Femininity & Grace

Between the posh sense of style and the presence of royalty, London’s vibe is equal parts glamour and gravitas. It’s reminded us that as women, we no longer need to choose between the two—that is, looking fabulous, and being taken seriously as leaders, experts and business owners.

This week we’re bringing you the best of both worlds, starting with how to step into your first $10K month. For those of you who are intent on building a real business that affords you freedom and impact, learning to create consistent $10K months is where you begin. Check out the story to find out what it takes to design and sell high-end packages, from mindset to business model.

Next, we’re taking a closer look at the career of one London woman who embodies the new feminine success: Amal Clooney. Watching the always-polished lawyer work the spotlight has been such an inspiration, especially considering her incredible career championing human rights at the highest levels. From walking the red carpet, to fighting for freedom of speech, to being married to her soulmate, we love to see a woman who dares to have it all.

And, we hope that all of you might do the same—not one day, but right now. You don’t need a million dollars in the bank and a house on Lake Como to start carrying yourself like the Queen that you are, so let’s take our cues from the English and enjoy a little luxury, shall we?

One of the easiest and most elegant ways we can all start treating ourselves daily is by adopting the lovely British tradition of afternoon tea. Whether you choose to indulge with friends or pause for a little you-time, our resident health and wellness expert Cynthia Pasquella is back again sharing nine unexpected reasons why tea might totally transform your life and business.

If you’re wondering what to sip, head over to this month’s London edition of Divine Finds, featuring our favorite selections of fine English teas and luxurious accessories with which to serve. And if an elevated escape is what you need to get in your Queenly power, our round-up of English getaways will take you to seven marvelous luxury castles, resorts and cottages just a skip and a jump from London proper.

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