I Beg Your Pardon?
What to do When You
Say Something You Regret

One of the things I most admire about the British people is their sense of politeness, manners and etiquette. Before we get too polite however, let’s start with a little Real Talk.

This week, we’re discussing the moments that trigger us to forget we ever had manners to begin with. First, I’m taking you behind-the-scenes of my own regretful client slip-up and reflecting on the power of an apology. Next, I’m sharing my best tips for how to speak the truth in love and keep your cool through the most frustrating moments in coaching.

Another element of politeness that all of us can agree to love is presenting ourselves with style and polish. We’re all invited to be as groomed and glamorous as Amal Clooney, and thankfully these days we have apps that can help. In London I was introduced to Ruuby, the city’s best platform for curated same-day beauty bookings. A must-have, am I right? Check out our interview with founder Venetia Archer, who divulges what she’s learned in her first few years in business.

Once your hair and nails are properly attended to, consider adding some extra polish where it matters most: your workspace. Our latest London-inspired edition of From the Desk Of features sophisticated furnishings, accessories and stationery to give your workflow a regal sensibility with modern flair. And finally for a little foodie fun this season, we’re highlighting something that’s more iconic than the Beatles or the Queen. Check out our Girl’s Guide to Fish and Chips and join us in enjoying England’s coziest comfort food.

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