Divine Living in the Wild West
What I’m Taking With Me From Cowboy Country

I’ve had so much fun surprising everyone with this adventure in Jackson Hole. While it’s been a blast talking masculine energy and spending time with my husband Glenn, to close out the issue I wanted to bring it home and connect with the location from my feminine side.

So this week we’re slowing things down a bit and reconnecting with our home and with our spirit. After several restorative afternoons in Jackson Hole spent sitting by the fire, hot beverage in hand, I was inspired to put together my must-try recipes for delicious cold-weather warm ups. From a Mexican hot chocolate to the perfect spiced holiday punch, my list has you covered to sip in style this season. And to go a step further and bring Wyoming’s cozy, rustic-chic vibe into your home decor, I’ve tapped celebrity interior designer and HGTV star Sabrina Soto to curate some great ideas.

Since we’ve covered how to use masculine energy to achieve our goals, to round things out this week we’re going back to the core reasons women entrepreneurs like us are in business in the first place. I’m sharing my guide for creating wealth based on feminine principles and being driven by passion and purpose.

Finally, I’m bringing you way back to my high school graduation, and introducing you to a Wyoming legend whose national bestseller was one of the first personal development books I ever read.

Gerry Spence is widely recognized as the most successful trial lawyer in America. He’s dedicated his 60+ year career to defending the underdog, and has never lost a criminal case. He shares the wisdom that guides his success in his book How to Argue and Win Every Time, which is all about being empowered to speak your truth. I’m honored to have been able to interview Mr. Spence for this issue and so delighted to introduce you all to his work.

Enjoy this final dose of the Wild West and I’ll see you all next week in beautiful Florence!

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