Spontaneous Creativity
Seeking Inspiration in the
French Countryside

This week we’re highlighting everything we love about la vie en Provence and sharing the experiences that called me to my next level of creative expression. Curious? You might want to begin with the Art of Spontaneity, where I divulge my tips for letting go of the pressure to plan and reconnecting with the genius of the present. Then, meet the visionary hôtelière Jocelyn Sibuet, whose splendid line of boutique resorts has me dreaming up details for the first Divine Living hotel and restaurant.

Creative women like us naturally love the energy and the pace of a major world city like Paris or London, as it’s always motivating to be immersed in so much art, culture and high-vibe activity. And yet, sometimes what we really need to inspire our next big idea is to take a step back and enjoy the easy-going luxury of life in the countryside.

What was so fabulous about my getaway to Provence this summer was feeling like I had the best of both worlds at my fingertips. There was always plenty of haute French culture and glamour just a quick drive away, plus the relaxed country lifestyle that connected me with a different side of myself.

At the center of life in Provence are two things we can’t get enough of here at Divine Living: food and wine. You might be wondering— how do French women do it? Is there a healthy way to indulge? Celebrity nutritionist Cynthia Pasquella thinks so, and is back again to share her top three figure-friendly food and wine pairings that will instantly transport you to France.

If you can easily imagine yourself sipping rosé in a wide-brimmed hat on the C’ôte D’Azur next summer, then head to this month’s glorious edition of Day Tripping to plan your next adventure to the French Riviera. Until then, we also have plenty of ways to experience a taste of Provençal luxury wherever you are. From unique gourmet products to charming accessories, our latest Divine Finds will help you recreate effortless chateau elegance at home.

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