Driven by Desire
The Art of Living a Passionate Life

Something I’m always reminding my clients is that if you want to have a passion-based business, it starts with YOU. Look within, and get clear on what truly moves you. Your experiences, emotions, dreams and desires are all here to guide you in the right direction—you just have to make the space to listen and be brave enough to say yes.

This week is all about supporting ourselves to consistently take action with confidence, energy and passion. It starts with our latest One-on-One column, in which I’m asked about something we’ve all been challenged by at some point: how to come up with fresh marketing content week after week. I know it can feel like a daunting task for even the most prolific writers and speakers among us, so I’m thrilled to share some insights into the mindset and process that works for me.

Next up, I’m sharing a story about what happens when inspiration strikes at the very last minute. No matter how meticulous our plans may be, sometimes we have to let go of them to make room for something even better. Check out this month’s Real Talk to find out why I scrapped my script for a Paris video series in favor of a bold new idea that just happened to arrive 48 hours before the shoot date—because a Queen always has the right to change her mind.

Even when we don’t know exactly where our desires will take us, if we follow what feels good, we usually end up exactly where we need to be. French blogger-turned-author Mimi Thorisson’s story is the perfect example. Read our profile to find out how this woman entrepreneur’s move to a little-known stretch of French countryside led to her dream career as a food and lifestyle expert.

Last but not least, no guide to being in your creative flow would be complete without an element of luxurious self-care. Thankfully we’re still in the South of France where pleasurable living is fully encouraged. If it’s time for an office up-level, shop this week’s Provence-inspired roundup of furnishings and accessories for a chateau-chic workspace. And if what you crave is elegant relaxation, a little lavender goes a long way to elevate your everyday.

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