Living the Dream in Paris
Welcome to the Paris Issue!

Fall is one of my favorite seasons and certainly one of the most inspiring for me. I’ve noticed that this is the time of year when fabulous things tend to happen in my life. I’ve always fallen in love in the autumn, and this season I’m falling more deeply in love with Paris.

Of all the cities I’ve spent time in, Paris will always be the one that reminds me that anything is possible. I’ve experienced so many milestone moments there, from my engagement to my soul mate in the gardens of the Grand Palais, to hosting my first luxury private coaching intensive at the Ritz Paris, to attending fashion school and sitting front row during Paris fashion week.

Years later, I ironically (or not) was in Paris on the night of the launch of the Divine Living Magazine. I’ll never forget that night. It was a childhood dream come true in the city of lights, and to celebrate, my darling husband took me to dinner and surprised me with a beautiful Chanel necklace. It’s amazing how feminine we women feel when we celebrate our successes and receive being celebrated by others.

Five months later, it is so special to be sharing my version of Paris with you here. Some people say that Paris is a not just a city, but a world, and I agree. Around every corner there’s an opportunity for you to walk a little slower, gaze a little longer and breathe a little lighter.

Paris is home to the world’s top everything—fashion, food, art, glamour, architecture, wine, cheese—and all with that signature Parisian flair! I’ve found that there are plenty of ways to be feminine, be inspired by grandeur and live with a little extra elegance in this town, and it’s all done with a sophistication that I’ve yet to experience in any other city.

For those of you who dream of going (for the first time or again), I hope this issue will inspire you to book that ticket, and serve as your insider’s guide as you explore from the banks of the Seine to spectacular Versailles.

This week I’m sharing how chic women entrepreneurs can experience jet-setting as the ultimate form of self-care, plus my five steps to authentically creating your standout brand.

While we’re talking about building timeless brands, I’m thrilled to share the story of one of the most iconic women in the world, Coco Chanel. As we’ll learn from her story, finding your own unique, irreplaceable essence is what allows you to connect with people and create the business of your dreams.

We’ll also take a look at another globally recognized brand, Ladurée, the famed Parisian patisserie known for not only inventing the macaron, but making it unforgettably stylish.

So get that French press out and order a croissant as you let yourself dream, indulge and enjoy all things Parisian chic, allowing yourself to feel more feminine, more soft and more you.

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