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ost of us can agree that personal health and wellness are an important part of successful living, though sometimes we all struggle to look and feel our best. As women entrepreneurs, it’s easy for us to give so much to our businesses that we stop taking care of ourselves. While we all go through crunch time every once and a while, neglecting yourself is not a sustainable way to give your business what it really needs: a focused, serene, and happy you.

At this point in my career, I’ve embraced the fact that certain practices are vital to maintaining my energy and vibrance. Staying active, connecting with nature, and eating mindfully are at the top of my list. No matter how hectic my schedule is,

I always create time to exercise or do yoga, spend an hour outdoors, and make sure I’m well nourished. I always make the effort to truly enjoy this time, affirming my commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

This week, I share my favorite ways to refuel and recharge when I’m at home in Santa Barbara. You’ll find the fitness tips I live by, the gorgeous hikes I take with my dog, and my current smoothie obsession.

Ultimately, being healthy is about cherishing yourself and embracing your femininity. Spring is the perfect time to rediscover what makes you feel fresh, light, and gorgeous, so live it up.

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