Politics for Entrepreneurs
How to Get Along
While You’re Going Big

Naturally our DC issue wouldn’t be complete without a little political discussion. But we’re not here to argue about the latest policies from the GOP or whose campaign funding is most questionable. In our book politics is about the art of relating with other people—something we can always get better at.

As entrepreneurs (and often as humans) we all need to step up and lead sometimes. When you’re working on a team or with a team, you’re inevitably managing compromises, mistakes, commitments and responsibilities. If you happen to be the one directing a project or business, then you’re also busy keeping everyone aligned and inspired. Considering all of this, you can see how being a politician is a nuanced job that we can all benefit from learning to do really well.

Luckily this issue has popped into being during a time when leadership is one of my major areas of interest and study. Thinking back to the women I worked for at the White House, I was inspired to talk about the politics of business and dive into questions of partnership, pitching, hiring and firing.

This week my husband Glenn and I have both answered some fabulous reader questions that gave us plenty of room to think about relationships in business. My column centers on how to hire the right team and how to know when to fire someone, while in Power Couple Politics, Glenn is sharing his amazing thoughts on making strong decisions with your partner in business and romance.

Adding a macro perspective to the conversation, we’re thrilled to have our favorite trend forecaster Lynn Casey back again to take a look at the role of women in the upcoming election. You do not want to miss her fascinating insights into the major changes happening in our world right now.

Rounding out the mix we have plenty of ways for you to be supported in stepping into your next level of leadership. From our Girl’s Guide to Seeking Investment, to DC-inspired desktop essentials and how to wear a suit the chic and feminine way, it’s all about feeling empowered to play bigger.

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P.S. What have been the biggest political challenges you’ve faced in leading your business? Let’s talk in the comments!




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